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July 2010

Law enforcement officers hope Whitey Bulger's bad breath will provide leads
July 31, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings
Whitey Bulger may be one of the most notorious gangsters to remain on the lam. A relic of a bygone age of Mafioso dominance, the alleged leader of Boston's Winter Hill Gang has eluded law enforcement for years. However, if he is ever to be apprehended, it may be his extreme halitosis that gives him away.

Festival goers come to celebrate garlic, leave with bad breath
July 31, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings
While garlic may add a tasty touch to many dishes, few other foods cause such bad breath. Anyone who regularly indulges in cuisine that makes use of it may benefit from taking steps to improve their breath.

Katy Perry worries about bad breath
July 30, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings
While celebrities may have a team of stylists and assistants who are constantly making sure their image is perfect, many are not above fears of common faux pas like bad breath. Take, for instance, Katy Perry.

Coffee's bad breath stain
July 29, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
If you're the type of person who can't make it through the day without several cups of coffee, you are not alone. Millions of Americans rely on a morning cup of joe to get their day started and prepare to face the world.

L.A. food festival serves up halitosis-causing foods
July 29, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings
With burgers piled high with all the fixings and grilled macaroni and cheese sandwiches, any food-lover would have delighted at being at this weekend's Los Angeles Street Food Festival. However, with such rich food being offered, attendees may have left with more than just a full stomach. Bad breath may have followed them as they left the Rose Bowl, the location of this year's event.

Bad breath may hamper sales meetings
July 28, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
The power lunch has become an important tool for many businessmen and women to work on deals and close sales. It is an informal arena in which they can present their ideas in an engaging manner. However, the next time you are taking a client out for lunch to give them your sales pitch, you may want to choose a restaurant that does not serve foods known to cause bad breath.

Inmates risk bad breath
July 23, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings
Lindsay Lohan has spent time on the cover of nearly every publication this past week. The country is obsessed with the actor's 90-day jail sentence. The Hollywood star's fall from grace into a waiting prison cell has captured the attention of a nation that loves a good villain.

Nature's bad breath curse
July 23, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
When perusing the produce section of the local grocery story, one can't help but think that Mother Nature must have a sense of humor. We are told to eat healthy, and despite every intention to do so, we are thwarted at every step by health foods that cause bad breath.

Celebrity diets may lead to halitosis
July 22, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings
Many celebrities are no stranger to interesting diets. They are often at the forefront, championing a new strategy for shedding unwanted pounds. While the health effects of these fad diets may be debated by nutritional experts, it may be presumed that many of these diets can lead to bad breath.

How to deal with bad breath problems
July 20, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
We've all been there. In talking with a friend or coworker, you notice an unpleasant aroma. It seems to be coming from the other person when they open their mouth to speak. So how do you handle a situation in which someone you know has bad breath?

Daters should watch out for bad breath
July 17, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
For those of you are making a returning to the dating world consider this: many daters say there is nothing worse than a partner who has bad breath.

Newcomers to Miami risk bad breath from spicy cuisine
July 15, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings
It seems as though the entire country is talking about LeBron James' decision to join fellow all-stars Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami next season. His move to South Beach has caught the attention of the basketball world and many observers expect several championships to follow. However, with the city's unique cuisine and many more opportunities for late nights out, the star will have to be careful to avoid bad breath.

Celebrity oral care secrets
July 15, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
While it may seem like a simple matter for celebrities - with their personal assistants and oral health experts - to maintain white teeth and fresh breath, many of the techniques they use are available to everyday people. Knowing their secrets may help brighten your smile and fix your bad breath problem.

Bad breath may hurt your child's social life
July 15, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
Childhood can be a difficult time for many youngsters. School-age kids and teens put a lot of pressure on each other to maintain a flawless persona. Your child may be making many of the right moves to fit into this culture, but if they have bad breath they may experience social problems.

Fresh breath saves romantic moments
July 15, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings
In this summer's installment of the Twilight movie series, many fans will get exactly what they have been waiting for: a kiss between characters Bella and Jacob. In flashy Hollywood fashion, the moment takes place at the top of a majestic mountain with the camera circling around the embracing couple.

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