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October 2012

By - Bad Breath Expert
Can a humidifier battle bad breath?

October 29, 2012 -

The dry winter air is not nice to our hair, skin, sinuses and breath!

Working out may lead to bad breath

October 25, 2012 -

We all know that working out helps us stay healthy, toned and decreases the chance of illnesses.

The holidays can conjure up bad breath

October 23, 2012 -

Save yourself from embarrassment at holiday events that cause bad breath.

Ditch the toiletries causing more harm than good

October 18, 2012 -

Some toothpaste and mouthwash causes more harm than good with unsavory chemicals.

Halloween treats to avoid this season

October 16, 2012 -

Halloween is just around the corner, and as aisles are filled to the brim with sugar-loaded treats it is important to learn which ones to stay away from.

Smelly onions offer powerful health benefits

October 15, 2012 -

Everyone should be eating this healthy vegetable, as long as they pair it with some specialty breath fresheners!

Battling bad breath caused by a new diet

October 15, 2012 -

When changing your diet, most people don't think that it could affect their breath; however, some diets are linked to bad breath.

Natural remedies help mask bad breath when you're on the go

October 10, 2012 -

Find a quick natural remedy around the house or on the go to quickly, but temporarily, battle bad breath.

Which celebrities are known for their halitosis?

October 8, 2012 -

Celebrities may have money, good looks and talent, but that doesn't mean they don't have halitosis!

Don't let nighttime dry mouth stink up your breath

October 3, 2012 -

Dry mouth can leave you with some seriously stinky breath, but there are ways to beat it.

Are you following all the steps to fresh breath?

October 3, 2012 -

If you want fresh breath, there are certain steps you should be following

How to tactfully tell someone that his or her breath is less than fresh

October 2, 2012 -

Telling someone they have bad breath can be challenging, but it's important to let them know in a kind way.

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