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September 2013

Rappers wearing dental grills
September 27, 2013 - Fresh Breath Happenings
Check out how mouth bling became a thing, and what it means for oral health.

Living with Sjogren's syndrome
September 26, 2013 - Fresh Breath Happenings
Read about how dry mouth factors into Sjogren's syndrome.

Post nasal drip from fall allergies: How to get rid of it!
September 20, 2013 - Fresh Breath Happenings
Constantly clearing your throat? Coughing at night? You might be experiencing post nasal drip. Here are some tips how to kick the nosy problem.

Video gamers' delight: real gamer fuel to keep you going for hours
September 13, 2013 - Fresh Breath Happenings
Learn the secret to staying sharp during video game marathons. 

Reduce Salt and Increase Fresh Herbs
September 6, 2013 - Fresh Breath Happenings
Many of us try to incorporate more vegetables and less processed foods into our diets, but it isn't always easy. Whether you are running errands throughout the day, working or trying to make food for the entire family, it can be hard to make everything from scratch. On August 29, we hope you took a step toward a healthier life and celebrated More Herbs, Less Salt Day if not, there s always next year! Herbs not only add flavor and zest to otherwise bland dishes, they contain antioxidants and vitamins for a healthy body and mouth. Ever feel like your breath is less than fresh?

7 ways to avoid bad breath
September 6, 2013 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
Learn how to defeat bad breath once and for all.

Oral health issues and age: It's not just grandma's problem
September 5, 2013 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
Keeping teeth as fresh, clean and white as possible starts at an early age.

Back to school: Getting A's with a healthy mouth
September 4, 2013 - Fresh Breath Happenings
Getting good grades in school isn't just about putting in the time with your books and homework - your oral health can also play a huge part in your success. 

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