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March 2014

By - Bad Breath Expert
Is gum on the outs?

March 27, 2014 -

Americans have turned to gum to fight bad breath throughout history, but U.S. sales have declined drastically in the past few years.

Getting into selfie mode

March 24, 2014 -

Here are some tips on how to snap a selfie that will rake in the most response.  

Celebrating National Nutrition Month

March 20, 2014 -

Diet plays a key role in your oral health. Discover the best ways to protect your pearly whites - and your waistline - during National Nutrition Month and beyond.

Spring break 2014: Keeping teeth fresh and white

March 18, 2014 -

Wherever you go on spring break, here are some tips about how to keep your pearly whites looking as good as your beach body.

3 simple tips for protecting your enamel

March 17, 2014 -

Enamel is the tooth's defensive shell that protects against harmful substances, and erosion of this shell can't be reversed. That's why it's so important to keep your enamel strong and healthy.

Is a web-enabled toothbrush a thing of the future?

March 13, 2014 -

Many people love their smartphones for their ability to perform a wide variety of functions - apps can do everything from allow you to watch videos to repell mosquitos using high frequency sound waves.

Taking care of your dog's oral health

March 7, 2014 -

Long-lasting dog breath is often a red flag of an underlying health issue.

Join the Monster-Free Mouths Movement!

March 6, 2014 -

What's the best way to get ahold of youngsters' attention? Games, of course. The AAPD launched a good-guy-versus-bad-guy game to stop mouth monsters in their tracks.

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