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October 2010

Experts talk about the importance of mouthwash
October 28, 2010 - The Science of Bad Breath
Taking proper care of the mouth is one of the most important things a person can do to avoid bad breath. While few people would admit to ignoring oral hygiene completely, many individuals do stop short of practicing the kind of oral care that can fully protect their mouths from harm.

Experts warn about the dangers of dry mouth
October 25, 2010 - The Science of Bad Breath
In the absence of moisture in the mouth, odor-causing bacteria can multiply, resulting in stubborn bad breath. If the condition is not taken care of, it can grow worse. This may lead to further problems, such as cavities and gingivitis.

Parents say that back-to-school dental visits are vital for children
October 19, 2010 - Oral Care Industry News
As winter approaches and children get settled into their school routines, oral health experts are saying that this is a perfect time to take them to see a dentist. Doing so may help them avoid conditions such as bad breath, gingivitis and cavities.

Groups work to raise awareness of the importance of oral health
October 5, 2010 - Oral Care Industry News
Many individuals who live in rural and inner-city areas lack the access to dental care that may help them may help them avoid conditions like tooth decay, gingivitis and bad breath. Ten years ago, the Surgeon General issued a report which called oral health problems a "silent epidemic."

Groups work to provide dental care to individuals who lack insurance
October 1, 2010 - Oral Care Industry News
Individuals who lack dental insurance are more likely to suffer complications such as bad breath, canker sores and gingivitis. Due to the fact that they cannot afford visits to the dentist, they often miss out on treatments and hygiene advice that may help them avoid these problems.

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