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August 2011

Halitosis hurts oral health, quality of life
August 22, 2011 - Oral Care Industry News
Having halitosis doesn't just negatively affect others. It can hurt your own quality of life (QOL). Anyway, that is the conclusion of a study, recently published in the International Journal of Dental Hygiene, that followed the daily lifestyle of a man with extremely bad breath.

In the world of bad breath, garlic still reigns supreme
August 15, 2011 - The Science of Bad Breath
If you try to think of bad breath that comes from eating food, what immediately comes to mind? If you have ever eaten Italian or Greek food, it may be garlic that first pops into your brain. As far as oral odor goes, this little bulb packs quite a wallop, which is one reason why using specialty breath fresheners is so important.

Stress may worsen bad breath
August 12, 2011 - The Science of Bad Breath
Do you have bad breath because you're stressed, or do you get stressed because you have bad breath? Regardless of which came first, it's usually advisable to consider getting a specialty breath freshener or an oral care probiotics kit to knock out halitosis as soon as possible.

Tongue scraping quells bad breath, scientists say
August 9, 2011 - The Science of Bad Breath
Plenty of people brush their teeth in the daily battle against bad breath, but did you know that adding a tongue scraper to your oral health routine can significantly reduce your oral odor? So say scientists and dentists alike. Using a specialty tongue scraper followed by a oral care probiotics rinse may sweeten your breath even further.

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