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September 2011

Treating bad breath involves knowing what it's made of
September 27, 2011 - The Science of Bad Breath
So you have halitosis and you want to get rid of it? Leave it to the experts at TheraBreath, who have spent years investigating the causes of oral odor. They know that treating bad breath, not to mention other oral health conditions, often means knowing what makes breath bad in the first place.

Bad breath causes include vitamin deficiencies
September 22, 2011 - The Science of Bad Breath
Whether you suffer from chronic halitosis or sporadic oral odor, it can be hard to identify bad breath causes. After all, while few things contribute freshening breath - namely, reigning in bacterial growth by using an oxygenating oral product - many different factors can ruin your breath, often in a matter of minutes.

Scientists create 'breathalyzer' for swine flu, halitosis
September 20, 2011 - Oral Care Industry News
You may have read about breathalyzer-like devices that can sniff out halitosis, but did you know that a new technology can do the same for influenza?

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