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January 2012

By - Bad Breath Expert
Even magnetic cleaning products can't beat the best mouthwashes

January 31, 2012 - It may sound like science fiction, but it's science fact: Chemists have invented magnetic soap! Yet, for now, such substances still don't seem to hold a candle to the best mouthwashes.

Post-nasal drip can give halitosis-causing microbes a lifeline

January 27, 2012 - Your post-nasal drip is feeding your bad breath, and you may not even be aware it's happening...

Who is at the greatest risk for tonsil stones, bad breath?

January 25, 2012 - Most people will have tonsil stones at some point, but some folks are at a much higher risk for getting them. Read on to find out if that's you.

Experts recommend probiotics, not antibiotics, for bad breath

January 20, 2012 - Probiotics pit microbes against one another, leaving your mouth odor-free and your breath fresh.

What causes tonsil stones, and how can I get rid of them?

January 12, 2012 - Do you have bad breath and the uncontrollable urge to clear your throat? Watch out. You might have a tonsil stone lurking in the back of your mouth.

Allergies can lead to bad breath, halitosis

January 11, 2012 - Bad breath, halitosis and poor oral health can stem from allergies - and in more ways than you might think.

Even U.S. presidents get morning breath, halitosis

January 11, 2012 - Commanders-in-Chief are seemingly just as prone to morning breath as the rest of us, which is why they need bad breath remedies too.

Tongue coating is one of the most common causes of halitosis

January 6, 2012 - Notice a whitish film on the back of your tongue? That may be one of the primary causes of the halitosis you've been having.

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