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SUMMARY:  Expanding on "52 Places to Go in 2014" by The New York Times, we've tacked on the best cuisines to eat at that are good for body, soul and mouth. 

Posted: January 13, 2014

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The list is out. Borrowing from the best of "52 Places to Go in 2014" by The New York Times, we have compiled the most mouth-watering, soul-quenching and teeth-friendly restaurants at these hottest destinations. The top locales to visit have plenty of allure, but for foodies, the main attraction is the cultural cuisine.That goes for finger food or delicacies - Iberian ham to fried spiders - whatever floats your boat.

Sure, healthy food and tasty food don't always overlap. No one's denying that bacon on a Sunday morning tastes like ambrosia, but certainly we can find a happy medium. It's 2014, so spread the news: Oral and overall health are one and the same. That means the food and nutrition (or lack thereof) that enters your mouth affects your whole body - not just your weight. Let's pair up where to go this year and what to eat.

1. Cape Town, South Africa
Overlooking the gorgeous waters of Table Bay, Cape Town is a world-class city with cuisine almost as sky-reaching as the Table Mountain. Be sure to dip your fork into Ukutya Kwasekhaya, which was one of Nelson Mandela's favorite food. The late South African leader's top meal consists of oxtail (excess fat removed), a great source of protein, large carrots - packed with gum-friendly niacin and heaps of vitamin A - green beans and potatoes mixed with paprika and barbecue spice.

A top restaurant is called The Kitchen, a Woodstock eatery infused with fresh produce and contemporary flavors. There are 20 inventive salads, ranging from the lentil, coriander and black rice salad. For big occasions, make a date at a UNESCO World Heritage Site at The Roundhouse & Rumbullion, combining tailored meals from an award-winning chef all in a yard between centuries-old fruit trees. Oven-hot bread and cocktails are staples. If you decide to sip some of the world-class wine, opt for the white to avoid stains on your pearly whites.

2. Christchurch, New Zealand
There are more than just Kiwis in Christchurch. This largest city in the South Island of the country offers a handful of raved-about eateries complete with healthy ingredients. As a Best Restaurant Finalist in the Zest Food Awards 2013, Cook 'n' With Gas is a modern bistro that serves high-quality fare in an informal setting of a historic villa. The crispy salmon is rich in vitamin D, a key ingredient for the mouth, as a it helps your body absorb calcium, a nutrient that strengthens your teeth and helps protect against gum disease.

Bring your lover to St. Germain, a Bronze medalist in Dine Out's "People's Choice Awards 2013." This French diner uses local products in an elegant atmosphere. If you're feeling adventurous, try out the green salad with smoked duck breast. Dark leafy greens are the No. 1 food to improve your health, according to WebMD. 

3. Albanian Coast
Albanian cuisine is largely characterized by the use of Mediterranean herbs, including oregano, black pepper and basil in cooking fish and meat. Seafood specialties are especially famous in Durrës, the second-largest city in the country. A restaurant called 2 Kitarrat serves up unforgettable fish plates and Italian recipes. After all, Mediterranean fare has always been one of the healthiest in the world. Olive oil, fish and omega 3s take over the menu. 

Swing by Piazza for an international cuisine packed with delectable fish of any kind - raw, cooked and mixed pasta plates. Hungry? Opt for the jumbo lobster, octopus or wild fish, which has no cholesterol and a tasty flavor. The seafood salad bowl here contains Brussels sprouts, which have 40 percent more vitamin C than oranges. Boost your immune system with them at the same time benefiting your smile by warding off canker sores. When your body's defense system is low, researchers have noticed that people are more susceptible to these bothersome little ulcers.

4. Downtown Los Angeles
The reason The New York Times ranked downtown L.A. toward the top of the list was because of its dynamic food scene. While in the City of Angels, don't miss Grand Central Market, containing more than 30 of unbeatable food vendors. At this locale, visitors enjoy China Gourmet for healthy platters of vegetables, including broccoli - another vitamin C-rich food that can help defeat canker sores

Down the street sits Alma, which has been praised as the "Best New Restaurant in America 2013" by Bon Appétit magazine. Led by trend-setting chef Ari Taymor, this top-notch restaurant has food for both the soul and mouth. The fresh dark veggies can help lower the risk of gum disease.

5. Perth, Australia
Australia's fourth-largest city boasts up-and-coming cuisines spear-headed by champion chefs. One, for example, is Jamie's Italian, an Italian must-eat opened by international celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. When the waiter brings over your antipasti, make sure to ask for a lot of parmesan cheese on top. Since cheese is loaded with calcium, the dairy product has been shown to fortify dental enamel and neutralize harmful acids that can lead to cavities.

For fine dining, make your way to Friends Restaurant. This modern Aussie hotspot offers a ten course tasting menu as well as an a la carte and seasonal tasting menu. Similar to Jamie's Italian, Friends Restaurant has an assortment of fine cheese mixed with fig and walnut terrine.The wine is famous here, so again, opt for the white to keep that smile as bright as ever.

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