Can Bleeding Gums and Other Periodontal Diseases Kill You?

By - Bad Breath Expert

Posted: September 10, 2007

PerioTherapy - Not just mouthwash and toothpaste:

PerioTherapy combines the finest Clinically Effective compounds that work synergistically to attack the true cause of Gum Disease and Bad Breath. Recent research in Europe and the U.S. have proven a link between an increase in oral sulfur compounds (from bad breath), which then initiate gum disease and bleeding gums (which are truly open wounds in your mouth). These open bleeding sites allow other dangerous toxins to enter the body's blood stream.
The PerioTherapy System was designed for those who suffer with bleeding and swollen gums whether they have bad breath or not. There is a strong relationship between gum disease and bad breath, because volatile sulfur compounds (found in bad breath) are needed to initiate the penetration of dangerous toxins below the gum line to start periodontal disease. This new research corroborates our work in finding a non-surgical treatment for gum disease.
The Synergy of These Compounds has produced PerioTherapy: Periotherapy is an all-encompassing solution to your gum problem.
PeriO2: The active ingredient in PerioTherapy releases potent Oxygen molecules when in contact with these sulfur compounds. Immediately, a chemical conversion takes place that eliminates them safely and effectively. Once the Thiols (sulfur compounds) are reduced, their initiation of allowing toxins into the blood stream disappears.
Whole Leaf Aloe Vera: It is specially grown for us in green houses to maintain its high concentration of Pharmaceutical Level elements. As everyone knows even "plain" aloe vera has been used to stop bleeding as a natural healing agent for thousands of years. Tests performed at a large metropolitan hospital on PerioTherapy s form of Whole Leaf Aloe Vera indeed confirm its healing highly beneficial qualities. We use the highest concentration of Whole Leaf Aloe Vera in the World! (Do not be fooled by imitators)
Tea Tree Oil: This is the secret ingredient in many "natural" Medications. Tea Tree Oil is extracted through a complicated process from the leaves of an Australian tree. Physicians in the Southern Hemisphere have turned to the Melalucca Plant because the overuse of antibiotics has rendered formerly effective prescription medications useless. Properly formulated Tea Tree Oil has been used in many cases as an anti-bacterial agent, when even the strongest antibiotics have failed. Our pharmaceutical grade Tea Tree Oil initiates a healing response in sore, swollen, bleeding gums.
Zinc Gluconate: Zinc is the natural enemy of bacteria. It wasn t until very recently that laboratories decided to use this very pleasant version of Zinc (as opposed to nasty tasting Zinc Acetate or the astringent Zinc Chloride which burns the inside of your mouth). You may recognize this ingredient as the one that is used in many common cold medications.
Fluoride: We have added a good does of Sodium Fluoride to our PerioGel for 2 very good reasons: 1) It stops the decay process and 2) It helps to desensitize teeth with root exposure (a common symptom of gum disease.
It is interesting to note that although a vast majority use Oral Care products that claim to relieve swollen and bleeding gums, gum disease remains to be an epidemic in the U.S.
Here s just a few of the chemicals that are thrown into the mix of the most commonly used products:
Soap: Yes, there is soap in toothpaste. It is known chemically as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (check out your shampoo bottle and you ll see it listed near the top of ingredients.) Soap as everyone knows is very drying. Consequently, it will end up producing more of these sulfur compounds. Why is Soap placed in toothpaste (it s even in the so-called "natural" Tom s of Maine It s put there to make it foam up and give you the illusion of a cleaner mouth. It has no other use and of course, our PerioGel does not contain Soap.
Saccharin: Nearly every toothpaste on the market contains Saccharin to sweeten the product. Saccharin has been shown time and again to cause cancer in lab animals. PerioGel does not contain Saccharin. We use a natural non-sugar sweeteners. For example, Crest Toothpaste for Kids contain Saccharin. You wouldn t want to give Saccharin to your children.
Testimonials from Real PerioTherapy Users:
Dear Dr. Katz:
"I must congratulate you. One of my patients had a long history of bleeding gums. She blamed it on hormones, and soft gums, and poor diet as a child. It was very difficult for her to understand periodontal disease. Two weeks ago she was seen by my hygienist for her scheduled prophy. When I checked her, I could not believe my eyes - Her pocket depth was only 3 mm, her gums were pink, and after probing - NO BLOOD! She told me she had started to use your products the previous week instead of some other brands. The results were amazing. Keep up the good work. I've already ordered some to try on my difficult cases and I'll let you know how they turn out."... Dr. H.R., Miami, FL
Dear Dr. Katz:
"I heard you on the BBC when I was in London last year. When you mentioned some of the research on bleeding gums and how that could lead to heart disease and strokes, I waited to get your phone number. Unfortunately I didn't catch it, but I caught you on TV again recently and that's when I finally got your Periotherapy products. My family has a history of heart disease and what I realized after hearing you was that we all suffered with gum problems. I use your products a few times a day to make sure that I won't have the same problems that my parents had. Why don't other dentists talk about these problems?"...Patty Y., Rochester, NY
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