Dr. Katz s New Oral Strips Are Effective Immune Supplements Designed to Strengthen and Boost

By - Bad Breath Expert

Posted: July 8, 2007

Stopping Yourself From Getting Sick Has Never Been Easier.
Why Do You Need Immune Supplements?
When I first started testing bad breath back in 1993, I realized that it was absolutely necessary to physically smell the odor exhaled by patients at my clinics. This was in addition to all of the other tests I performed. An unfortunate side effect of that procedure was an increase in rate of getting sick. You see, I was picking up a lot of "bugs" from every heavy exhale.
I realized that if I wanted to continue I needed something to help me boost my immune system and fight off these viruses and bacteria. Some of you may remember the liquid product I introduced in the 1990's known as Immune Therapy. You needed to mix a few drops of this immune supplement (a blend of compounds I knew would work, based on experience working with bacteria and viruses back at UCLA) with water. It was a bit of a hassle, but it worked very well to strengthen the immune system. One problem with that formula was that we couldn't add any flavor, because of the method used in preparation.
A few months ago, when we started to market our TheraBreath PLUS FreshStrips (for fresh breath), I went to the laboratory and asked them if they could place the same effective ingredients I used for my immune supplements into dissolvable film, but with a delicious natural flavor to help stimulate saliva as well.

Well, I'm proud to announce a new strip product - Immune Strips!


  • ZINC The Zinc Gluconate in Immune Strips is the only form proven to be effective. Dr. Katz Talks About Zinc
  • VITAMIN C Vitamin C is one of the most powerful antioxidants and vital for the immune system. Dr. Katz Talks About Vitamin C
  • ECHINACEA Echinacea has been used for over 400 years as a general "cure-all". Dr. Katz Talks About Echincacea
  • Many of you are aware of a popular product known as Airborne . It's an effervescent tablet that when dissolved in water helps to boost the immune system and ward off viruses and bacteria. I have nothing bad to say about their formula (although I think mine is better), but I will admit that my Immune Strips are much more convenient to use as an immune supplement - because you don't need a full glass of water in which to dissolve anything. You simply place a delicious strip on your tongue and your done.
    How To Use Dr. Katz's Immune Strips For best effects to strengthen your immune system, I recommend taking one strip every 2 hours until you've taken four on the first day of traveling, or being around people who tend to carry germs (children, crowds of sneezing people, work, trains, airplanes, etc). Most people do fine with 2 strips a day after that - but the good part is that you can take as many as you'd like, because the wild cherry taste is absolutely delicious.
    Better yet, my Immune Strips cost less than Airborne Immune Supplements.
    Immune Strips and Immune Supplements to Boost and Strengthen Your Immune System Dr. Katz's Immune Strips are a specially-designed synergistic blend of natural compounds to help cut down the extent and duration of colds and other common illnesses.
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