Mosquitoes love Bad Breath and Stinky Feet

By - Bad Breath Expert

Posted: May 30, 2011

It s almost summertime and when someone thinks of summer, tons of images come to mind: barbecues, time by the pool, trips to the beach, summer vacation and (oh yes) mosquitoes. Unfortunately, with the warm weather, mosquitoes and their itchy bites often come along on camping trips and visit you at home on those warmer summer nights.

Did you know you can help ward off these pesky buzzing critters by making sure your bad breath is in check? It s true. A researcher at the Netherlands Wageningen University and Research Center discovered that when African malaria mosquitoes (Anopheles gambiae) are far away from prey (yes, that includes us) they use nasal receptors to smell the carbon dioxide the all humans expel on their breath. While it s not guaranteed to stop mosquito bites, you may want to consider using our oral care probiotics or fresh breath products to better your chances of going unnoticed to those hungry bloodsuckers.

Weirder yet, these mosquitoes stop following the traces of bad breath when they approach their meal and home in on the smell of our feet! Did you know that Dr. Katz also has a solution for bad smelling feet? It s called Sweet Feet and you can purchase and learn more about it out here. It s just a simple powder that you combine with water to soak your feet and is great for fighting fungus and athlete s foot too. This will eliminate any unpleasant foot odor (is there really any other kind?) and also help arm you against mosquitoes.

While there are tons of precautions that people can take to be free of mosquito bites, next time you re using a bug spray or candle, you may also want to check how your breath and feet smell just to be safe and bite-free. Enjoy the summer!

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