New Study links H. pylori - the bacteria that cause stomach ulcers and stomach cancer - to Gum Disease and Bad Breath

By - Bad Breath Expert

Posted: November 26, 2008

A new Japanese study published in the Journal of Medical Microbiology has shown a strong link between H. pylori (the bacteria that can cause stomach ulcers and stomach cancer) and gum disease. However, you may see articles on the internet and on the news incorrectly stating that this bacterica causes bad breath. Dr. Nao Suzuki, leader of the study group, specifically stated that H. pylori DOES NOT produce Volatile Sulfur Compounds. Therefore it DOES NOT directly produce bad breath.

On the other hand, it is closely associated with a wide variety of anaerobic bacteria that cause GUM DISEASE. Many of you who are familiar with my own research years ago on the link between gum disease and bad breath, already understand that gum disease can create bad breath by providing "fuel" to the sulfur-producing bacteria already in the mouth, under the gums, and in the throat and tonsils.

These "fuels" include broken down oral tissue (which contain proteins necessary for odor producing bacteria to create odors) and blood (more proteins for the bad breath bugs). As the gum tissue recedes in the disease process or becomes swollen, it creates a home perfectly designed as a breeding ground for more anaerobic bacteria, since oxygen cannot get into deep pockets.

H. pylori thrives in an acidic environment - after all, it's real home (in the digestive system) is bathed with gastric juices 24/7. We believe that the increasing incidence of H. pylori in the oral cavity may be due to the highly acidic oral products that have hit the market recently. Most mouthwash, for example, have a pH in the 4-5 range (7.0 is neutral and the lower the number the more acidic). The acidic mouthwashes include those that contain alcohol, those that require mixing, and many of the non-alcohol versions that use strong flavors and/or colors as marketing gimmicks.

The good news is that all of our formulas (TheraBreath, PerioTherapy, etc) are above 7.0 and therfore work as ANTACIDS in the oral cavity.

So now that we know more about the problem - how do we avoid it -- or get rid of it, if you already suffer from gum disease or bad breath? Well, prevention and treatment can be provided by the patented PerioTherapy System. PerioTherapy combines oxygenating compounds with natural and proven antimicrobials such as ZincRx, Tea Tree Oil, CoQ10, Aloe Vera, and Xylitol. The System Kit even includes trays so that the PerioTherapy Gel can be applied directly to problem gums. (PerioTherapy Gel does double duty by also working as your daily toothpaste).

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Harold Katz DDS

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