Update: The $5 OFF Rite Aid Coupon is available HERE

By - Bad Breath Expert

Posted: April 6, 2009

We came across this offer on-line today: Rite-Aid Drug Stores are giving away $5 OFF coupons good on any purchase of $25 or more. That's a 20% savings on anything you buy at the drug-store. While we would love to recommend you use them to go save $5 on TheraBreath Toothpaste and Mouthwash, both available at your local Rite-Aid, you can use them for anything at all!
These days, we know that every dollar helps and thought we should share this offer with you before it expires. So if you do shop at Rite Aid, grab your coupons today - we were told that these coupons would be available on-line for a VERY LIMITED TIME and they do expire at the end of this month!

To download your $5 OFF coupon from Rite-Aid Click here

And remember, these coupons are valid for $5 OFF every purchase of $25 or more. If you are buying more than $25 worth of stuff, consider splitting up your purchases into $25 blocks and bringing more than one coupon. You can print out as many copies as you like.
Note: This promotion is from Rite-Aid. TheraBreath is not affiliated with this offer. We are bringing you this notice as a service to our list members.

Quick reminder: Our FREE SHIPPING SPECIAL on all purchases made from THERABREATH.COM ends at midnight tonight. Place your order before the end of the day and pay absolutely nothing for shipping!
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