Change a few habits to eliminate bad breath

By - Bad Breath Expert

SUMMARY:  Stop reaching for the breath mints! Stop bad breath before it starts.

Posted: December 3, 2012

bad breath habits

Having bad breath can put a damper on any situation. From a job interview to a holiday party, if you have stinky breath, you may not feel confident. While gum and breath mints can eliminate symptoms of halitosis, they do not get to the source that causes smelly breath, and some can actually make it worse!

If you find yourself constantly reaching for a quick breath freshening mint or piece of gum, it’s important that you make sure it is sugar-free. Since sugar is often a big-time culprit of bad breath chomping down on a piece of sugary gum will just feed the bacteria causing this issue. However, there are a few things you can tweak in your daily routine that will help stave off bad breath without much effort.

Slash acid intake
Love your cup of Joe in the morning? We all know coffee breath is quite a turn off, but some of us can’t seem to resist this rich morning beverage to kick us into gear. But just as we love coffee, so does bacteria. After drinking a cup, you may feel like your mouth has a sulfur-like smell. Other foods like sugar, dairy and garlic have a similar effect on the mouth because these - in addition to highly processed and refined foods - create a breeding ground in your mouth for bacteria. To help get rid of halitosis from these types of food, drink a glass of water after eating or drinking these bad breath-creators and always keep up with oral health.

Improve your digestion for a healthy mouth
Some may not directly relate their digestion to halitosis, but it makes sense if you think about it. If you are prone to not chewing your food completely, or you suffer from bowel disorders or a slow digestive tract, you may be more prone to bad breath. Since the food you intake isn’t being digested properly, gas is produced in the mouth and it primarily comes out the mouth - like when you burp. Not only can one try to eat better foods, but using probiotics can help tremendously. Since these help digest food, making sure that you take one a day will improve your bad breath.

Eat like a rabbit
Eating more greens like spinach, parsley and garden greens will help neutralize the bad smells in your mouth. These foods contain a high content of chlorophyll - a chemical produced by plants - which also helps neutralize body odor. This chemical works kind of like a deodorizer while helping the body digest food properly. You can even buy chlorophyll in most health food stores and use it as a mouth rinse by adding it to a glass of water. Try to keep veggies in your daily diet, as they provide a two-way punch: they will help eliminate bad breath odors, while making you healthier all around.

Clean the entire mouth
We all brush our teeth, but not everyone cleans their entire mouth each day. From scraping the tongue to making sure the gums are thoroughly washed, a healthy mouth goes beyond just the teeth. It’s important to use alcohol free mouthwash, natural toothpaste and floss everyday to make sure you are getting rid of any food remnants and bacteria in the mouth. Another way to make sure your mouth stays minty fresh is to increase your intake of vitamin C. Gum disease and bad breath are linked to one another, and this is a key indicator of a vitamin C deficiency. 

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