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The Best Breath Mint for Bad Breath

By - Bad Breath Expert

Wow, a breath mint that...

  • Actually Neutralizes Bad Breath and Bad Tastes
  • Stops Production of Volatile Sulfur Compounds (VSC's)
  • Stimulates Oxygen-Rich Saliva Flow
Since I started the California Breath Clinics in 1994, I had never recommended any particular breath mint as "the best breath mint" to stop bad breath. Simply put, I had never found a breath mint that was truly a breath freshener. Meaning, I had not found a breath mint that would actually neutralize bad breath instead of just covering it up with strong flavors.

You see, the academic halitosis community knows the true causes of bad breath - and we also know the conditions in your mouth that are more likely to produce bad breath. Unfortunately, all the breath mints that you're used to seeing in the stores (Altoids, Tic-Tacs, Certs, Ice Breakers, etc...) all contain either sugar which the bad breath bacteria absolutely feast on or they contain an artificial flavor designed to cover-up bad breath rather than prevent bad breath - and NONE OF THEM contain any ingredients that are clinically proven to eliminate bad breath!

That's why I created the ZOX Breath Mint - the first breath mint designed to neutralize bad breath instead of just masking it!

Now first, let me get one thing straight - if you have chronic halitosis, DON'T expect a breath mint to make the problem go away by itself. However, there is a type of bad breath I refer to as situational bad breath. This type of bad breath occurs in 99.9% of the world population at one time or another. It's just plain, old, everyday, bad breath.

Let's Look at a Real-World Example...

You get together with some friends to eat at a delectable restaurant that serves cheese fondue with a strawberry daiquiri to cap it off.

You want to avoid bad breath so, after dinner, you pop an Altoid in your mouth. . . . STOP!

Although you may have a strong cinnamon taste in your mouth, what you've really just done is make your bad breath problem MUCH worse.

Let me explain. During dinner, you introduced two bad breath triggers to your mouth; protein and alcohol. These two common bad breath triggers made your oral environment a perfect breeding ground for bad breath bacteria. Then, after dinner, by sucking on that mint, you gave those bacteria sugar, a food source they LOVE! This allowed the bad breath bacteria to reproduce and rapidly overtake your oral environment. True, you TASTE cinnamon or mint, but that's only a temporary cover up and what other people actually SMELL is bad breath!

Again, this is why I created ZOX Breath Mints. I wanted to address the fact that almost all the other breath mints on the market DO NOT take into account the principles of halitosis prevention that I've been studying for the last 10 years! Most breath mints are created to taste good and that's about it. ZOX Breath Mints were developed using the same Zinc/Oxygen/Xylitol principles used by other TheraBreath products that are clinically proven to eliminate bad breath.

ZOX Breath Mints have no sugar - your breath mint should NEVER have sugar in it. ZOX Breath Mints use xylitol which is a natural sweetener and has also been proven to have tremendous anti-tooth-decay properties.

ZOX Breath Mints contain Zinc Gluconate - It blocks receptors on bad breath bacteria so that they don't bind with the amino acids.  If they don't bind with the amino acids, then they don't produce smelly sulfur compounds.

ZOX Breath Mints contain no aspartame, no saccharin, and no artificial colors or flavors - There's simply no reason to add ingredients that may be harmful.

ZOX Breath Mints are only 5 calories each - So you can have as many as you want.

The bottom line is that all-natural ZOX Breath Mints are the best breath mint for bad breath. ZOX is the first and only breath mint to neutralize bad breath based on clinically proven, bad breath treatment methods practiced by the California Breath Clinics for over 10 years. 

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