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Canker Sore Remedies

By - Bad Breath Expert


Canker sores are blisters that develop on the inside of the mouth and can vary in both type and severity from one individual and occurrence to another. Canker sores also vary in frequency from one individual to the next. Although there is currently no known cure for a canker sore, there are many effective canker sore remedies available that will help speed up the healing process and ease the discomfort and pain.canker sore remedies

Practicing Proper Dental Hygiene

One of the sure fire ways to remedy undesirable canker sores is to prevent them from happening or, at the very least, reduce their likelihood or frequency. Brushing regularly and using antiseptic mouthwashes are very useful. Antiseptic mouthwashes reduce the likelihood of a canker sore occurring and help to heal them as they contain ingredients that help to reduce bacteria in the mouth. Using dental floss as a part of an oral care routine can also help to reduce the occurrence of canker sores as it adds to the practice of overall good dental hygiene and reduction of bacteria in the mouth by keeping food particles at bay.

Over-the-Counter Dental Products

In addition to practicing good oral hygiene, there are products that are designed as canker sore remedies. These products help to heal and reduce the frequency of a canker sore. These products are designed to numb the pain at the canker sore site within the mouth. The products are available as gels, pastes and rinses. One product designed to fight canker sores is the TheraBreath Dentist Recommended Fresh Breath Toothpaste. The TheraBreath Fresh Breath Toothpaste is an all natural product that does not contain harsh ingredients, SLS or foaming agents. This product also wards off dry mouth and bad breath. It is also guaranteed to begin working to fight your canker sore from the first use. You can easily purchase this and other products like it from company websites or local pharmacies or drugstores.

Aloe Vera Canker Sore Remedies

Canker sore remedies can be found in home solutions that are inexpensive and effective. For example, rinsing your mouth with aloe vera juice frequently will help to speed up the healing of a canker sore.

Why It Works

Aloe vera has been applied to the skin in many ways over thousands of years and has been proven effective. New research indicates that aloe vera and its healing properties are effective for taking care of conditions occurring in the mouth, including canker sores. Aloe vera is not painful to apply to the canker sore and it does speed healing and reduce pain.

How to Apply It

Additionally, aloe vera is not expensive and a wonderful alternative for those of you who prefer to use all natural alternatives. Most plant nurseries and stores carry aloe vera and the gel can be extracted directly from the plant using a simple process and then applied to the affected area of the mouth.

Supplements and Natural Products

Besides aloe vera, there are many natural products, supplements and foods that can be used as canker sore remedies. These items can be applied directly to the canker sore for fast and effective relief. Products like these help to reduce pain so that you experience less discomfort while, at the same time, speeding up the healing process. These include:


Eating fresh papaya and chewing papaya leaves can help to soothe your canker sore and speed up its healing.

Plum Juice

Plum juice, like aloe vera juice and gel, can be applied to the canker sore with great results.

Onions and Garlic

Applying a piece of raw onion or a garlic clove (cut in half) directly to the canker sore will speed up healing and reduce pain. Contrary to what many may think, this is not a painful process and there is no burning side effect from the onion itself, less the slight discomfort of applying pressure to the canker sore.

Tea Tree Oil and Goldenseal Powder

Tea tree oil and goldenseal powder can be found in most health food stores. Tea tree oil can be applied directly to the sore and goldenseal powder can be applied either directly to the sore or used as a part of a rinse solution. A rinse solution is created using 1/2 tsp of goldenseal powder, 1/4 tsp of salt and 6 ounces of warm water. Rinsing with warm salt water can be used on its own as well.

A Healthy Diet

In addition to canker sore remedies and practicing good dental hygiene, it is important to have a healthy diet. A diet with foods rich in vitamin B12, folic acid, iron and minerals helps protect against canker sores. Many times canker sores can result from a diet that is weak in these very nutrients. As such, a diet rich in foods like yogurt (vitamin B12) and green leafy vegetables (iron) will go a long way.

Regardless of how healthy a diet can be, many times we simply cannot consume all we should to get the nutrients needed to stay healthy. As such, supplements like a daily multi-vitamin may be best. Probiotics that help to balance digestive health are also useful as they assist the body to better absorb the nutrients being taken in. A diet rich in vitamin C is also good as vitamin C helps with the absorption of iron in the body and strengthens the overall immune system. A strong immune system can help to make canker sores a thing of the past.

When to Visit the Doctor

There are times when canker sores simply become unbearable, even with self-treatments and using a myriad of products. Although usually a mild condition, in certain circumstances it is wise that you visit the doctor. If a canker sore happens to be unusually large or painful, extends to the lips or causes swelling in the lymph nodes, it is imperative that you see a doctor. Generally though, canker sore remedies such as the ones mentioned above are sufficient for treating the condition.

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