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      Dr. Katz talks bad breath and taste disorders
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Discover The STARTLING FACTS About Bad Breath That The "Big Boys" Of Oral Care Hope You NEVER Find Out About!
  • Why sucking on mints and chewing gum
    doesn't always work...
  • How normal commercial products can
    make the problem worse...
  • Why some people are cursed with chronic halitosis and others aren't...
Dear Friend,

I would like to show YOU how you can prevent occasional, situational, or chronic bad breath in any situation, and maintain superior oral health for your gums, teeth, and mouth. Take a look at the following public perceptions below:

Have you found yourself saying any of these, or worse yet - hearing them said about you?
  • "Well I like Sharon, but it's so hard to speak with her because her breath is terrible!"
  • "Ugh, how can someone take such poor care of their mouth?"
  • "Uh-oh - here comes Jim, the bad breath guy!"
  • "Well, I really want to kiss her but I'm not sure if I can stand her breath."
  • "Grandpa, you have bad breath!"

Real People...Real Stories
TheraBreath can change your breath - and your life.
Watch as real customers talk about how TheraBreath has
eliminated their bad breath and improved how they live.

"Your products are unbelievable for bad breath elimination!
It has been wonderful to finally be able to enjoy kissing
my husband and for that I thank you.

"Your TheraBreath Oral Rinse helped my dry mouth in five days!!!
I am not conscious about my bad breath that I've had
since I was 30 and I am now 66 years old.

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"I knew my daughter had very good oral hygiene... So why did she have bad breath?"
I could go on and on, but in the society we live in today, it's a sad but true fact that you are immediately judged by the first impression that you make! If you have bad breath - constantly or even occasionally, then you are being immediately prejudged by something that is not your fault! Maybe it's time to do something about it...

My name is Dr. Harold Katz, and I've been researching the causes, symptoms, and cures of bad breath for the last 11 years. In 1993, my own teenage daughter came to me - a Beverly Hills dentist with two degrees from UCLA (my DDS and a separate degree in Bacteriology) - and asked me to help her with her breath problem. Imagine my embarrassment when I didn't know what to tell her. Me, her father (and a dentist at that!), unable to help my own daughter with a problem as "trivial" as bad breath!

Trivial - or so I thought at the time...

You see, I realized that I too had also always had a subconscious "negative impression" of people with bad breath. Almost like they were "unclean". But when my own daughter developed the same problem it put things into a whole different perspective for me.

I knew my daughter had very good oral hygiene...So why did she have bad breath?

Bad Breath Can Affect Your Personal Relationships,
Your Work Environment, And Ultimately Your Life!

Over the past 12 years I have personally seen more than 13,000 patients who paid upwards of $500 for a series of clinical treatments come through the California Breath Clinics. I've had people tell me that bad breath has made them depressed, like they had no friends. That it was affecting their love life, and caused them to be passed over for promotion. I've even had people tell me that they were seriously contemplating suicide.

Now these are extreme cases of course - but they exist by the tens of thousands! And even if your case is not this extreme, no one wants to offend by having bad breath. Even if it's something as simple as making sure your breath is fresh to prepare for that first passionate kiss, or holding your grandchild on your lap while laughing and joking - Nobody Wants To Have Bad Breath!

...But Not All Bad Breath Is Created Equal

I've personally smelled more bad breath than any other doctor on this planet. Back in the "old days" when I pioneered the clinical therapy that many of you may have seen on TV, I introduced the use of the Halimeter (the portable sulfide monitor that detects the levels of Volatile Sulfur Compounds in the breath). I would also test my patients breath by simply placing my nose in front of their mouth and asking them to exhale. (By the way, this was NOT one of the more pleasant aspects of my job!).

"I've personally smelled more bad breath than any other doctor on this planet."
Typically, their breath would be worse in the morning after waking up. Then after brushing, they may be fine for the next few hours, but as they progress throughout the day, that smell would creep into their breath and begin to make others around them cringe.

By the way, it's taken the ADA (American Dental Association) a few years to humbly agree with what I've been saying for over 10 years. An ADA Oral Health Trend Study showed that 92% of dentists report seeing patients with chronic bad breath on a regular basis!

But anyway, what this unpleasant experience of smelling my patients breath taught me was that people who complained of halitosis fell primarily into 3 different categories:

The 3 Different Types of Halitosis
    About 95% of the world population will be concerned about their breath at some time in their life. These people might be concerned after a particularly satisfying meal full of garlic or onions, or maybe after smoking a cigarette or a few alcoholic drinks (both of which are terrible for your breath!)
    A full 54% of those will fight a constant daily battle to keep their breath fresh throughout the day. They will use mints, gum, and sprays trying in vain to prevent occasional bad breath. For the most part they'll be able to escape unnoticed, but when in a close, personal situation, or after eating certain foods it will become obvious to others that a breath condition exists.
    Worldwide, about 27% of the population will experience chronic halitosis. Chronic Halitosis is defined as "a persistent, foul, fetid odor, emitted from the mouth and/or nose". People with chronic halitosis usually know they have a problem but don't know what to do about it. Most people with this disease have excellent oral hygiene - they may brush and floss 2-3 times per day. But it doesn't seem to make a difference...
So How Can You Tell When YOU Have Bad Breath? And Really...How Bad Is It?

"Most of the time you don't even know that your breath may be offensive."
It's a well known fact that you can't smell your own breath. Or is it...

Most people have heard this at one time or another, but it turns out that it's NOT TRUE! In fact, you CAN smell your own breath! Many of the patients I meet with tell me that that can smell and sometimes even taste their own bad breath. Unfortunately, I have some bad news for you...

Whatever you can smell and/or taste in your own mouth, can seem 5 times stronger to those around you! The fact is, we get used to our own body smells (it's a process called acclimation - otherwise, all we would smell all day is our upper lip!). We can still smell them, but they are not as offensive to us as they are to other people. Put simply, "We Think We Smell Like Roses!"

Because of this, except for in the case of chronic halitosis, we are usually the last to know that there may be a problem. Bad breath is a very taboo subject between most people. Unless you have a trusted significant other that will be honest with you, most of the time you don't even know that your breath may be offensive.

So what are some of the typical signs that you may have a breath problem? How can you check for yourself?

Here are the 6 most common bad breath symptoms, based on my patients complaints:
  1. Tonsiloliths (those smelly white "globs" that you may cough up from the back of your throat)
  2. Thick White Coating on the Back of Your Tongue
  3. Constant Dry Mouth
  4. The feeling of "smelling" bad breath through your sinuses
  5. Excess Mucous and/or Post-Nasal Drip
  6. A Metallic, Tinny Taste
Now, having just one, or even two or three of these symptoms does not absolutely mean you have bad breath. However, before treatment with my clinical formulas, ALL of my patients complained of at least 2 or more of these symptoms.

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OK, so I know I have bad breath - either chronic or occasional.
But why me? What CAUSES bad breath in the first place?

The Cause Of Bad Breath:
Based on research performed not just at my California Breath Clinics, but also at some of the top universities in the world, it's been determined that bad breath is caused by anaerobic bacteria that live beneath the surface of your tongue.
These bacteria are not "bad guys", rather they are a normal part of your oral environment and break down the proteins in foods, your natural oral tissue, and in mucus or phlegm. During this process of breaking down these proteins, they extract sulfur from the amino acids, and produce Volatile Sulfur Compounds such as Methyl Mercaptan (which smells sort of like dirty socks) and Hydrogen Sulfide (the "rotten egg" smell).

These bacteria are anaerobic, which literally means "without the presence of oxygen". They breed by the billions deep within the fibers (papillae) of the tongue because in normal circumstances, oxygen cannot penetrate beneath the surface of the tongue.

Fundamentally, preventing bad breath is simple...you must introduce oxygen into the environment of these anaerobic bacteria. That's it - it's as plain and simple as that!

But the sad truth is that the commercial toothpaste and mouthwash manufacturers have been missing the boat for the last 50 years!

The Ingredients in Most Commercial Toothpastes and
Mouthwashes Can Actually Facilitate Bad Breath!

Next time you walk into a grocery store, take a look at the ingredients of any of the major brands of toothpaste - you'll see Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) in almost every tube.

Now there's nothing wrong with SLS in a toothpaste...unless you are trying to prevent bad breath!
SLS is a soap that they put in toothpaste and other cleansers for the sole purpose of making it foam. You see, people are conditioned to believe that more bubbles = clean, however the reality is that this is simply not true. SLS will dry out your mouth in a heartbeat creating an optimal environment for the bad breath bacteria to produce volatile sulfur compounds (and it's also been linked to the production of painful and annoying canker sores or mouth ulcers too!).

Now go pick up a roll of popular breath mints - you'll most likely see sugar as a primary ingredient.

There's nothing wrong with sugar in a breath mint...unless you are trying to prevent bad breath!
Sugar creates an excellent source of food for the bad breath bugs to thrive.

So What Should You Do To Prevent Bad Breath?

"Remember, stopping bad breath really is as simple as introducing oxygen to the anaerobic environment of the bacteria that produce those volatile sulfur compounds."
Really the process is simple...

I used to charge $495 for a clinical office visit - the office visit included diagnosing the severity of halitosis, analyzing the "problem areas" of the specific patient, and showing them step-by-step how to use my TheraBreath clinical formulas to achieve maximum results.

Remember, stopping bad breath really is as simple as introducing oxygen to the anaerobic environment of the bacteria that produce those volatile sulfur compounds. This is done by introducing stabilized Oxychlor molecules in that environment where they live. Remember, most of the bacteria live under the surface of your tongue, so you MUST use something that penetrates below your tongue surface. You also need to make sure that the active ingredients are actually reaching your "problem areas" - this is why we have so many different formulas. Remember the three different types of bad breath? Occasional, Situational, and Chronic? In ANY of these cases, you must neutralize those bacteria to prevent bad breath.

How To Prevent The Different Types of Bad Breath I used to charge $495 per visit for my bad breath treatment...
Do you want to know what that included?

Remember I said that I used to charge $495 per visit for my bad breath treatment? (By the way, I still personally see patients about once a month in San Francisco: the cost per visit is $165 and is completely guaranteed)

This was back during 1995-2000. Of course, it was all-inclusive and included a wide selection of my clinical formulas, but I had people beating down my door for these $495 appointments! This included plenty of celebrities - remember fame is no guarantee for fresh breath!

After working 10 hour days, 5 days/week and hiring a full staff of dentists and clinicians, I quickly realized that there had to be a better way. Appointments only happened one patient at a time, and there was only so much time in one day! And there are lots of people with bad breath!

So I took a small step backward and analyzed the exact procedures that I took during one of those visits at the California Breath Clinics.

Here is the in-office bad breath treatment procedure I performed on every single patient:
(and I've simplified a lot, but you get the idea!)
  1. Discuss eating habits, health history, special circumstances, and other preliminary information
  2. Test concentration of sulfides in their breath using a clinical device called the halimeter
  3. Assess any specific 'problem areas' for that particular patient
  4. Test with Bad Breath Detective Kit (now available for home testing!)
  5. Train patient in the use of the Oxygenating Formulas to be applied to their particular problem areas.
  6. Re-test with the halimiter and/or bad breath detective, showing the patient the vast reduction in VSC levels.
And really that was it!

Yet, I realized that if I could document my treatment for EVERYONE, I could accomplish 2 goals:
  1. Significantly increase the number of patients that I can treat every month, and
  2. Dramatically lower the cost of treatment.
And THAT was the start of the information contained in the #1 consumer resource on the topic of halitosis, my book The Bad Breath Bible (by the way, I'll include a complimentary copy with your Risk-Free Trial.)

Your Path To Fresh Breath AND Superior Oral Care

I'd like to make one thing perfectly clear...It IS possible to combine superior oral care with fresh breath - my TheraBreath line of clinical formulas prove it. Rest assured that not only does using my formulas guarantee clean, fresh breath, but it is also one of the best things you can do for the overall health of your mouth, teeth, and gums.

As I talked about earlier, most of the big commercial oral care companies use harsh chemicals in their products. They do this because these ingredients are cheap! But they ignore the cost to the rest of your mouth.

TheraBreath Oral Care Formulas are superior because:
  1. I added medical grade whole leaf Aloe Vera to my toothpaste which helps strengthen bleeding and swollen gums
  2. I NEVER use any Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Alcohol in any of my clinical formulas
  3. I use 2 tartar control agents, Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate and Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate which have both been proven to stop plaque and tartar from sticking to your teeth.
  4. I NEVER use any saccharin. Saccharin has been shown to be carcinogenic in lab animals and the state of California has recently published a long term study on its negative effects.
Order Your Risk-Free Trial Now!
Order Your Free TheraBreath Trial Now! Order your risk-free trial now!

Questions or To Order By Phone:
Call (800) 97-FRESH
and mention code IWFBA

Try the TheraBreath System Risk-Free
for 15 days.

All you pay is $6.95 for shipping.

The bottom line, is that besides having fresh breath, you can rest assured that my TheraBreath formulas contain the best ingredients available to prevent tooth decay, and keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy.

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