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Money-Saving Bonus Paks

Our very popular, money saving Bonus Paks are the most economical way to purchase the TheraBreath products you need to maintain fresh breath.

Bonus Pak A TheraBreath Original Strength. 12 Oral Rinses + 4 Toothpastes
Bonus Pak M NEW Icy Mint Flavor! 12 Original Strength Oral Rinses + 4 Toothpastes
Bonus Pak C TheraBreath PLUS Maximum Strength: 12 PLUS Rinses + 4 PLUS Toothpastes
Bonus Pak P 12 PLUS Rinses + 4 PLUS Toothpastes + 3 Probiotic Lozenges (8-pak)
Bonus Pak E PerioTherapy Extra Strength: Includes 10 Rinses + 6 Toothpastes
Bonus Pak H 6 TheraBrite Rinses + 4 TheraBrite Toothpastes + 2 Pro Whitening Kits

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All TheraBreath formulas are backed by a 100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you're not satisfied, let us know and we'll promptly refund your product cost.

Dr. Harold Katz

TheraBreath Money Saving Bonus Paks

Since 1994, TheraBreath has been producing expertly developed halitosis products that help its customers manage their oral health while addressing their problems with bad breath and chronic halitosis. We supply specially formulated toothpastes and oral rinses to treat or prevent a wide range of oral hygiene problems, including bad breath, dryness of the mouth, canker sores and gum disease.

With the introduction of our money saving bonus paks, it is now possible to provide big savings on our most popular bad-breath products. We currently have eight money saving bonus paks available for sale. When you order a money saving bonus pak that contains four tubes of regular formula TheraBreath toothpaste, as well as 12 bottles of oral rinse, you will not only save more than $40, but you will also receive a free soft-bristled toothbrush and one of our patented tongue cleaners.

TheraBreath's Extra-Strength Formula

The same size of pak is also available for our extra-strong formula of toothpaste and oral rinse. These extra-strength halitosis products are aimed at customers who have persistent bad breath. If other halitosis products have failed to help with your stubborn bad breath problem, TheraBreath's extra-strength formula could be the answer you have been searching for. When you purchase a money-saving bonus pak, you can have fresh breath every day and save a $92 on the sale price of the individual items.

TheraBreath Periotherapy

Another option is the TheraBreath Periotherapy money-saving bonus pak, which contains six tubes of PerioGel and 12 bottles of oral rinse, specially formulated for people who have gum disease or bleeding gums. The toothgel that is included in this pack is designed to be applied to a molded treatment tray, which is placed into the mouth to keep the gel in contact with the gums for an extended period of time. Five of these trays are included in the money-saving bonus pak. This pak offers long-term relief from painful, bleeding gums, as well as a savings of $85 on the price of the individual products.

TheraBrite Toothpaste

You can now save money on whitening toothpaste! We offer our whitening TheraBrite toothpaste as part of a money-saving bonus pak. Also included in the pak is 21-percent carbamide peroxide gel, which produces noticeable whitening effects after only four to five applications. This is our best value bonus pak, which offers a saving of more than $100.

All TheraBreath toothpastes are free from unnecessary dyes, fragrances and harsh chemicals. Most importantly, we do not add sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) to any of our products. This chemical, which is included in most commercial toothpastes, causes dryness and microscopic damage to the mouth lining, which can lead to canker sores. If you are prone to canker sores, dryness of the mouth and bad breath, perhaps it is time to be kind to your mouth with TheraBreath bad breath products. With our money saving bonus paks, getting the best in oral hygiene need not cost a fortune.