Bonus Pak K - the ultimate cavity protection for kids

The ultimate cavity prevention for kids! You get 12 TheraBreath for Kids! Anti Cavity Oral Rinses, 4 TheraBreath Toothpastes with fluoride, 4 TheraBreath Oral Care Probiotics and a new super soft toothbrush!

Save 30% while getting months of the best cavity protection and premium oral health available for your children today.

- optimum cavity protection

- no artificial flavors or colors

- no alcohol or sodium lauryl sulfate

- no saccharin or aspartame

* Only available online
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$124.95 each

You save $55.65

buying this pak vs. buying items separately


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Product Details

Most people go through oral rinse and toothpaste at a ratio of 3-1.

Item Code: MSBP-TBR-1593
Guarantee: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Contents: 12 TheraBreath for Kids! Anti Cavity Oral Rinse, 4 TheraBreath Toothpaste, 4 TheraBreath Oral Care Probiotic Lozenges, 1 Super Soft Toothbrush
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Does not Contain: Alcohol
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
Benzalkonium Chloride (an allergen)



TheraBreath Product Testimonials "I and my family wanted to say that we’re huge fans of your company. "

-Thanks! Daniel from the UK

TheraBreath Product Testimonials "I found that my taste buds have awakened."

-Thank you TheraBreath Ena NY

TheraBreath Product Testimonials "I have been using this for 20 years."

-Thank you Dr. Katz

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