Advanced ingredients in our maximum strength, PLUS Oral Rinse and Toothpaste are combined with our exclusive BLIS K12 and M18 Oral Care Probiotic Lozenges to effectively defend you against the hostile bacteria in your mouth that cause oral care problems such as:

- bad breath

- plaque and cavities

- gum problems

- throat issues, too!

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Product Details

Only 2% of the world's population are born with Streptococcus salivarius strain K12. These people rarely have bad breath.

Recommended treatment schedule is one 30-day cycle every 6 months.

Also helps prevent sore throats and tonsillitis.

Studies done in New Zealand show a decisive increase in effectiveness when used with AktivOxigen Serum.

Item Code: MSBP-TBPL-556
Guarantee: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Contents: 12 TheraBreath PLUS Oral Rinse, 4 TheraBreath PLUS Toothpaste, 1 Tongue Cleaner, 1 Super Soft Toothbrush, 3 TheraBreath Oral Care Probiotic Lozenges


Does not Contain: Alcohol
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
Benzalkonium Chloride (an allergen)


Oral Care Probiotic Lozenges:

Chew and Swallow one lozenge per day to develop and maintain healthy BLIS Probiotic colonies and support your oral health. Safe for daily use for ages 2 and up..

Regular Brushing and Rinsing:

Gently scrape your tongue with the tongue scraper, reaching as far back as possible. Then put some of the toothpaste on the tongue scraper and coat your tongue as far back as possible without gagging. Brush normally for 1-2 minutes, making sure to brush the roof of your mouth, and the insides of your cheeks, and your tongue. When you feel like you need to spit, do so, but do not rinse with water. When you are done brushing, rinse with the oral rinse thoroughly, for at least 60 seconds.


TheraBreath Product Testimonials "I have been using this product for about a year and It has exceeded my expectations."

-Satisfied! James Pearland, TX

TheraBreath Product Testimonials "I would NEVER use any other mouthwash or oral products other than Therabreath."

-Thank you so much! Vanessa in Los Angeles

TheraBreath Product Testimonials "The most effective mouthwash I and my wife have ever used- BY FAR!"

-Thanks From SC! George

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