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Bad Breath Pet Products

Developed with international veterinarians, these Pet Products are effective oral care formulas that treat dog bad breath, cat bad breath and breath issues in other pets.

Dr. Katz for Dogs & Cats Oral Spray A safe and easy way to instantly stop your pet's bad breath
TheraBreath for Dogs & Cats Water Additive Stop your pet's bad breath just by adding to their water bowl!
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All TheraBreath formulas are backed by a 100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you're not satisfied, let us know and we'll promptly refund your product cost.

Dr. Harold Katz

Products for Dog Breath, Cat Breath and Pet Oral Health

Dogs and cats aren't really known for their minty-fresh breath. Anyone who's spent a long car trip with an anxious, panting puppy can tell you that dog breath at times is not very nice to smell. Between the dubious nature of their food and a common desire to get into any and all edibles around them, it can be hard making your pet's breath presentable. That goes for dog breath, cat breath and pretty much any other type of pet breath.

Just like humans, pets need a little help maintaining their oral hygiene. But while it is simple for us to brush a couple times a day and gargle with mouthwash, it can be a huge production trying to make your pet be patient while you try to take a toothbrush to its teeth.

That's why we offer a product line for your dog's bad breath and your cat's bad breath. The TheraBreath pet breath sprays and solutions don't simply freshen your pet's dog breath ? they neutralize it at its source. Based on years of experience studying and treating halitosis, these products have been designed specifically for your pet.

Oral Spray for Pets

The oral spray for dogs and cats is perfect for the pet that doesn't drink a lot of water throughout the day. It has been shown to not only freshen breath, but also to help the pet maintain healthy oral hygiene over the long term. Used one to three times a day, it will help to reduce plaque and tartar in your pet's mouth.

The oral solution can be added to your pet's water bowl ? just two capfuls a day will do the trick. The oral solution acts as a refill for the oral spray. To apply the spray, just spritz it onto the dog or cat's teeth, gums and tongue.

It may sound difficult to get your pet to open its mouth for long enough to spray into it. It is important for a pet to be trained to get used to this strange sensation, though, so that its oral hygiene can improve. And if your pet is especially stubborn, you can always add the solution to its water bowl.

Pet Bad Breath Treatment

Don't push away your pet because of his awful breath anymore! With proper treatment, you'll have much more cuddle time together, and you won't need to cringe any more when your houseguests or friends at the dog park get a little too close.

Your pet's bad breath may not seem like a top priority, but it is important to keep in mind that bad breath is a symptom of a deeper issue. Your pet's smelly breath is trying to tell you something ? it needs your attention! The spray and solution will attack the root of the problem. Oral hygiene is a key component of good health. When you focus on your pet's health, you help to guarantee that it will live a happy, long life.