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Removing Tonsil Stones

By - Bad Breath Expert

Tonsils stones are very odd, white calcium-like deposits that build up around the tonsils. They form when food particles or other dead cells get stuck in the little crevices and craters found on and around the tonsils. Deposits form around the food or dead cells that are back there. Then, when it is attacked by your body, it begins to fester and there is a build-up. It can happen for many reasons, and there a several treatments for it that are simple and non-surgical. Removing tonsil stones sounds like something that would always require an invasive procedure, but it does not. There are many home remedies for removing them.

removing tonsil stonesNot only can tonsil stones be detrimental to your health, but they can cause bad breath. The stones emit a foul odor, and that odor is often noticed by others. The bad breath is sometimes the first noticeable symptom that arises for someone who has tonsil stones and prompts them to get checked. Other times, tonsil stones can also cause great discomfort for people who have them. In some cases, when the stones are allowed to sit untouched, they could get infected and cause a significant amount of pain in the back of the throat. It could be mistaken for other disorders, but it is an infection that can be quickly fixed.

You may have the option of getting rid of them on your own with at-home remedies, but you should always consult a doctor before you get too deep into the process. You may be dealing with a deeper medical condition than simply food that got lodged in the wrong place. Unfortunately, the only way to know for sure is to visit a medical professional. After a visit and discussion with your doctor, you should be able to decide if it is a simple enough procedure to try treatment at home or if you will need to schedule a procedure to have them removed.

TheraBreath® Products to Remove Tonsil Stones

Currently, the oral hygiene market offers only one effective remedy for the prevention of tonsil stones. Dr. Harold Katz, the prominent dentist, bacteriologist and creator of TheraBreath's oxygenating toothpastes, rinses, mouthwashes and gum, has now developed and made available the Tonsil Stones Deluxe Kit. Several items in this kit contain the unique, anaerobic bacteria-fighting ingredient called OXYD-8, a strong oxidizing agent that works by freeing reactive molecules of electrons that allow odors to exist. Moreover, OXYD-8 prevents accumulation of constituents necessary for the formation of tonsil stones from accumulating in the fissures of the tonsils.

By transforming a stagnant, dry, debris-filled mouth into an environment that facilitates saliva and oxygen flow, the components necessary for the formation of tonsil stones (such as food particles, bacteria and mucus) cannot exist. TheraBreath's Tonsil Stones Deluxe Kit contains an ample supply of tonsil-stone-fighting items--one toothpaste, two bottles of oral rinse, two sheets of AktivOxigen tablets, three bottles of nasal-sinus drops, three PLUS extinguishers sprays, one AktivOxigen serum and three rolls of ZOX mints for all-day fresh breath. Users only need to follow the simple instructions devised by Dr. Katz to remain free of tonsil stones and the severe bad breath they cause.

Some of the at-home remedies include:

You can use your oral hygiene routine to help remove tonsil stones. Keeping your teeth clean after every meal, flossing and irrigation are good hygiene management techniques. In addition, brushing the area around the stones could help to dislodge them from where they are stuck.

Using a blast of water from a device that is made for oral hygiene will also help to dislodge the stones. One must be careful to not do this too harshly. The back of your throat is very sensitive, and some people have a strong gag reflex. A gentle irrigation could be helpful.

If you are afraid that it will be too harsh to use a toothbrush or blast of water, you might want to consider wetting a Q-tip and using it to brush away the stones. Also, your finger will work just fine if you feel like that will be safer. The idea is to use something to push them away gently.

You can gargle fluids to help jar the stones loose. However, it is not as simple as picking your favorite beverage and gargling. Gargling club soda, any carbonated beverage, a light solution of peroxide or saltwater will help to jar the stones lose. The carbonation acts as an agitator that will help the stones fall away from the tonsils.

You might also want to consider some exercises in hard swallowing or tongue thrashing. Sometimes, you can reach and break up the stones with your tongue or by constricting your throat to swallow very hard. Sometimes, it might be the combination of the two that will be the most helpful.

Any of these methods could work for you with a little persistence. No one can expect that things will get fixed immediately. Using at-home remedies is much slower than running off to the doctor for an in-patient surgery. This means you may need to be patient, but you also want to gauge your patience against any discomfort you might be feeling. However, after a couple weeks of treatment, you should start to see results. If nothing is happening, you should go back to your physician and find out what medical options you have for tonsil stone removal. There are some things the doctor can do without admitting you to the hospital that will work well.

When the stones sit for too long, they can cause infections. They might also become very uncomfortable if they become very large or sit for too long. The bad breath could also be a reason to take most drastic measures. Medical procedures can be done to remove them, but it is wise to remember that you will be undergoing at least minor surgery. This surgery will involve different factors depending on what your doctor thinks you need to do.

Visiting an ENT might be the easiest route to go. These minor surgeries can be done in the doctor's office. They numb the area with medication, and then gently scrape away the stones. This might require you being under full anesthesia depending on how strong your gag reflex is.

A procedure called Laser Cyptolysis is designed to remove them permanently. A CO2 laser is used in this procedure to help reshape the area around your tonsils so that there won't be a chance for items to get lodged back there. It's basically a permanent solution to tonsil stones. However, it is considered an invasive procedure.

The only surefire way to get rid of stones permanently is to have them removed by a medical professional. However, you might be a little skittish about going to the doctor. When that is the case, simply try one of the home remedies above, and attempt to get rid of them yourself. Tonsil stones can be a big problem, but there are solutions if you want to make them go away. Simply decide how you want to deal with them at home, speak to a doctor, and then wait to see if you can take care of it yourself.