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Why is Dry Mouth Dangerous?

The Dangers of Dry Mouth

Here are some dangers of dry mouth that you should really be aware of. Number one, bad breath. And that's because when your mouth is dry you have less saliva, you have less oxygen, you have no way to treat the aerobic bacteria which cause bad breath. Number two, tooth decay. Saliva has minerals in it which help to re-mineralized your teeth. Without saliva — or when you have a dry mouth — you're prone to have tooth decay. 

Number three, gum disease. Again, there's antibacterial properties in saliva. Without saliva, gum disease happens. Number four — once you have rampant tooth decay and gum disease, you have tooth loss — that's number four on the list. Number five, once your mouth is dry, you have the inability to speak properly. Your tongue does not glide properly over your teeth and you can't speak properly. 

Number six, you cannot swallow your food properly. The bolus of food — that's a technical term for the amount of food that you're chewing at the time — is not damp enough to swallow and older people have the inability to swallow their food. And last but not least, that combination actually shows an increase of depression, particularly in older people who have a combination of many of those symptoms. 

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