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5 Simple Tricks to Prevent Cavities

5 Tips to Avoid Cavities

There are five simple ways to help you prevent cavities. Number one is obvious, avoid sugar. Bacteria in your mouth called strep mutans eat sugar, and eat carbohydrates actually, and produce something called lactic acid, which eats your tooth enamel. If you don't give them the carbohydrates, and you don't give the sugar, they're not going to produce the lactic acid. So avoid sugar. 

Number two, avoid sticky fruits. Fructose and things like that can also be converted into sugars. One of the worst things I've seen are raisins. When it comes to Halloween time, raisins can do just as much damage as any sticky candy. So sticky fruits are a problem too. That's number two on the list. 

Number three on the list. Brush after every meal, and I mean brush after every meal with a fluoride toothpaste. On a recent trip to Korea, I saw businessmen in fancy offices at the headquarters of Samsung. After lunch, they go into the bathroom, public bathrooms, and they brush their teeth. No one in America does it. I don't know why. But if they do it in Korea, they can do it in the United States of America. 

Number four on the list. Drink water after every meal. It stops the chemical process that takes place with acids inside your mouth. Again, we need to drink more water in the United States of America. 

And number five on the list. Instead of drinking coffee after a meal, drink tea. Coffee is very acidic, even decaf coffee, a lot of acids. Tea is pH neutral, a much better choice when it comes to health of your teeth. 

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