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Does Bleaching or Whitening Your Teeth Hurt?

Sensitivity and Teeth Bleaching

The reason why bleaching your teeth hurts so often for some people is when you are bleaching your teeth, you're actually penetrating those enamel rods. You're actually creating hollowness microscopically, which allows the cold air and any type of cold to get deeper into the tooth surface. Now, your tooth has several layers-- the enamel is the outer layer. The next layer is dentin, and then comes the pulp or the nerve. If you get deeper into the enamel, then you get to the dentin which has no protection because right next to that is your nerve. Closer to the nerve, the more pain you have. 

So any time you're bleaching your teeth, you're getting closer to the nerve. That's why it's very important when you're using a bleaching product, test it for a few minutes first to make sure you do not have any sensitivity. If it's OK for a few minutes, the next night try it for a few minutes longer-- so on and so forth until the point where you have no sensitivity. Then you're OK with the product. 

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