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Vitamins for Bad Breath

By - Bad Breath Expert


Fight Bad Breath & Improve Your Health from the Inside Out:

Did you know that certain vitamin supplements, targeting the causes of bad breath and oral disease, can create better health from the inside out? It's TRUE!

However, most vitamins and supplements in pill form are barely dissolved, much less absorbed, by your body. Most of them literally pass through your digestive system and end up...well, you know where. You see, your digestive system rarely breaks down pills totally. Worse yet, if you are ill or if you have digestive problems, vitamin and supplement pills and capsules just pass through your body completely. So all those expensive vitamins and supplements are literally money down the toilet.

Fortunately, there are various liquid vitamins and vitamin supplements that can be fully absorbed by the body. A healthy digestive system attempts to break down vitamins and supplements into micelles (infinitely tiny molecules). Products that have already gone through a micellization process before ingestion allow vitamins, minerals and supplements to be totally absorbed.

Micellization eliminates the uncertainty in the absorption process, providing up to 500% greater absorption than regular pill-type, fat soluble vitamins in the body.

How often should you use these products? If you have a long term history of bad breath, or a particularly bad problem (due to large tonsils, etc.), we recommend you use the formula once daily. For standard problems, you can use it every other day. For the ultimate results from our Micellized MultiVitamin-Mineral Therapy, it's best to use it every day. If you need both, you can use them together.

Better Oral Health (& Total Health) From the Inside Out

Advantages of Micellized Vitamins, Minerals, and Immune Therapy Supplements

* Greater & Quicker Absorption (up to 500% greater!)

* Higher Tissue & Plasma Levels

* Unaffected by gastric juices, enzymes, or history of digestive problems

* Easy to take by just about anyone (no gagging because they aren't pills)

* Graduated dropper for accurate dose regulation

* Safety sealed

* Hypoallergenic

* Alcohol Free

* Very Cost Effective - Each bottle lasts between 30 - 60 days

* No added colors, No added wheat, corn, fillers, or starch.

NOTE:  These formulas should not be taken by pregnant or lactating women, unless directed by a physician.

Taking the right formula should provide greater & quicker absorption of essential vitamins, minerals, and primary supplements for the following common problems/symptoms, such as:

bad breath and halitosis

Bad Breath

Gum Disease

Weight Loss



Sleep Disorders



Healthier Skin

Hair Loss Prevention

Memory Loss

Digestive Problems

bad breath and halitosis

Stop Bad Breath with Our Products!

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