About the TheraBreath News Editors

Dr. Harold Katz

Editor In Chief

A board certified Dentist and bacteriologist, Dr. Katz is the director of the California Breath Clinics and a leading researcher on oral health. He has lectured both in the US and abroad, recently concluding a speaking tour of Dental Teachers Colleges in China. He is also the author of the Bad Breath Bible, the most widely read manual or oral care and treatment of breath and taste disorders with over 3 million copies in print. Dr. Katz has appeared on hundreds of TV and Radio programs to discuss advances in oral health, in particular when such advances deal with the bacteria of the mouth.

Phil Rubin

Staff Writer

A graduate of Georgetown University, Mr. Rubin has written extensively on a variety of health and wellness topics. A veteran of active lifestyle and nutritional supplement industries, his focus is on the day to day implications of oral care science. He believes that modern health care relies on the consumers understanding of how medical advances can impact their health in a positive way.

Mark Fiala

Staff Writer

With over a decade of hands on experience in mass communications, Mr. Fiala focuses on developing instructional content designed to make health care information easy to apply. Instead of theory, he likes to present the basics on application. He also presents insightful demos and hands on reviews of latest products, to help highlight the best of what's out there in oral care.

Louise West

Staff Writer

The newest member of our team, Ms. West is in charge of the social media component of our articles. She conducts consumer polling and questionnaires and develops article ideas that come to us from our readers. She has been with us for almost three years, and this is her first job out of college.

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