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Customer Testimonials

Millions of customers worldwide use clinically tested TheraBreath products daily. Here are just some of the testimonials we receive from people who found success in controlling bad breath and regaining lost confidence by using TheraBreath products.

Although studies show that TheraBreath freshens bad breath for over 12 hours, your own results may vary, depending on a variety of reasons.

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August 6, 2021

Dear Dr. Katz, Just wanted to send you a gigantic "THANK YOU" for Therabreath. My husband is diabetic and has horrible halitosis. Thank you from the tip of my nose! God bless you for all your good works!

— Sincerely Celia from New York

April 26, 2021

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your dry mouth rinse product. I use a CPAP machine and was having an issue with dry mouth. I thought I would try your rinse at bedtime to see if it would help. It has made a world of difference. I am no longer kept awake with dry mouth and it has been a game changer in my bedtime comfort. Thank you for this wonderful product.

— Sincerely Judy M!

March 10, 2021

I have some periodontal issues that have improved with better brushing and flossing but Im still looking for more improvements. My dental hygienist often discusses pH and its effect on the oral microbiome and how together they influence dental health. I was looking for ways to support the microbiome and found I could get probiotics and a high pH rinse from Therabreath. I didnt know oral health vitamins existed until my online shopping but they look promising and I look forward to trying them too. Very excited to find products that help address the root causes and it was convenient to find them in the same place. The educational resources were also very helpful! It was very alarming to learn other mouthwashes can cause enamel erosion and I wont ever use them again. Overall, loved the variety of products that address dental health from all angles, prices were good and website easy to use. Only negative was there were some products out of stock that I would have otherwise purchased. Looking forward to seeing improvements at my next dental appointment!

— Anonymous

February 10, 2021

I just wanted to tell you that I am a new customer and your product is an absolute game changer. I bought the product on a recommendation that it helped reduce tonsil stones. Since then, I've noticed an improvement on my gum health. I don't often go out of my way to contact companies, but I wanted to show the appreciation I've found in your product. Thank you.

— Thank you! Tiffany

February 10, 2021

Greetings, I am writing to you today to simply let you know how much I love TheraBreath Oral Rinse in Icy Mint. I discovered this product a few months ago at my local Wal-Mart. I have tried many oral rinses but I never felt this fresh and with lasting results. This has been a part of my oral hygiene routine ever since and I am very impressed. As a dental student, I have been providing tips to family members and friends on the importance of oral health. This product is one I have recommended to implement into their routine and they cannot thank me enough.

— Thank you TheraBreath! Tiffany

January 27, 2021

Your Dry Mouth Lozenges have literally changed my life. I'm so glad I found them. After years of making sure I have water with me at all times, it's liberating to not have to think about it. The mint flavor is just strong enough without being overpowering, and I don't taste any citrus at all. Thank you!!

— Thank you! Jenny

January 27, 2021

When I first heard about TheraBreath I was skeptical considering my unimpressive history with mouth washes. However after using your product for the first time I was hooked! It did the job so well and left my breath fresher than its ever been! I make sure to tell all my friends and family about this product because its so amazing. Thank you for such a wonderful product that has always been so reliable!! You guys are the best!!

— You are the best! Haily in Fair Oaks

January 15, 2021

TheraBreath Has such amazing products that actually work! They also dont have ingredients in their products that are harmful like alcohol which I love about them! You also get almost immediate results when it comes to the healthy gum products and thats why I keep purchasing from this company!

— So Awesome! Lindsey Hanover, PA

January 10, 2021

I recommend this product to everyone. This mouthwash does not make your mouth feel dry like the most popular options do. It eliminates odor while making your mouth feel fresh and clean. I feel like I've tried everything and I'm so happy to have found something I really love that tastes great and actually works. TheraBreath will be my only mouthwash choice from now on.

— Love it! Taryn in CA

December 30, 2020

I have recommended this to 4 of my friends and now all 4 friends are hooked! This has reduced my bad breath and has fully taken away my morning breath. I would 10/10 recommend the rainforest mint. I have tried the others and none of them have worked as well as that one! Thank goodness for this company.

— Thanks Dr. Katz! Megan in Maryland

December 9, 2020

Hi guys. Just wanted to send you a note to say how much I like your "Rainforest Mint" mouthwash. WOW! It's been part of my daily routine for a while now (I think since it came out), and it's awesome! I don't use anything else, and buy it in multiples from our local Walmart. Outstanding product!

— Outstanding! Rick in New Hampshire

November 24, 2020

These products are amazing and should be in every dentist's office in North America. Dentists and hygienists should be informing their patients about this product and recommending it for a healthy mouth. If I would have found this 4-5 years ago I wouldn't be having the problems I'm having today. It was just by luck I did a search and decided to check TheraBreath out - I have tried almost everything else and nothing comes close to this - it's truly a gamechanger and I can't say enough good things about it - thank you Dr. Katz for creating and delivering the best of the very best!!!!

— Love TheraBreath! Heather from Canada!

October 29, 2020

It all began with a conversation with my man regarding his oral hygiene. In fact I had been complaining about the intensity of the bad order that lingered when we would have conversations. It had gotten so bad that I could smell it when he exhaled through his nose. I mean... I cringed at the thought of kissing him! this had made a dramatic impact on our sex life. All aspects of sex, if you know what I mean. So... One day we were at the supermarket and while on the check-out line, he decided to read a magazine to kill time. It was then he discovered TheraBreath. He snuck away to see if the store sold it; and Voila'... just like magic, TheraBreath appeared. At first I questioned his real motives behind the purchase because I had only been complaining for the last 4years about his breath. but when he said that it was my complaining that forced him to do something different, I was HAPPY! I realize at that moment that he was actually listening to me and if he is willing to try something to rid him/ us of this dirty little problem then it was up to me to see to it that he remains consistent. So I began researching the product and realized the value of ordering from the official site ( where there is a larger variety to try) and the rest is history. We are both avid users of this oral care product and plan to remain a part of the TheraBreath family. I would most definitely recommend this product to everyone because it actually works!

— Thanks you so much TheraBreath! Monica NJ

September 28, 2020

I've been using TheraBreath mouthwashes for over 10 years now and I just wanted to say I love the new Rainforest Mint flavor. It's by far my favorite mouthwash I've ever used. It feels like a luxury product. I am glad it exists. Thanks.

— Thanks TheraBreath , Beau

September 27, 2020

My favorite Therabreath product is the dry mouth lozenges - they do exactly what they promise to do. My mouth feels fresh and tingly each time I use one. I also tried the chewing gum for the first time. I like the flavor and texture, and the gum stays crisp and chewy for a long time. The packaging of both products is attractive and eye catching.

— Thank you TheraBreath! Chani in NJ

September 8, 2020

We love the Dry Mouth lozenges! They are mild in flavor, and do exactly what they advertise - they moisten and freshen the mouth. These are especially useful when wearing a mask. Everyone in my family would recommend them.

— Thanks! Chani from NJ

September 2, 2020

I am a huge supporter of Therabreath products. AktivOxigen in particular. I discovered this product 5 years ago and still utilize it. It's the only product that completely eliminated my bad breath!! The toothpaste and mouthwash products are awesome also!

— Thank you TheraBreath , Don in TX

September 1, 2020

I discovered TheraBreath about 18 years ago, and it CHANGED MY LIFE! It is amazing how it works to neutralize breath. The flavor is mild, yet effective, and it doesn't foam as much as other tooth pastes.

— Thank you, Thank you! Joanna in Great Neck, NY

August 13, 2020

After using Therabreath oral care vitamins Ive had the best dental checkup. Dentist said my gums look great and no plaque.

— Thanks TheraBreath! Elizabeth in PA

July 31, 2020

Therabreath is the best mouthwash I've ever used. My last cleaning at the dentist they told me my teeth were looking great and it took a third of the time it usually does. The products are really high quality and don't burn my mouth with the alcohol taste of Listerine or other mouthwashes I've used. The Healthy gums mouthwash has really helped out my oral health a lot, and my gums feel and look great.

— Thanks Dr. Katz! Madeleine in TX

July 14, 2020

I was using your products and my 21 year old daughter was home visiting from college and used the mouth wash and loved it so I told her to try the toothpaste as well. She raved about how clean her teeth felt better than when she goes to the dentist! She lives in Royal Vermont so I just purchased her the mouthwash and the toothpaste online and had it mailed to her I also sent her home with my products as well

— We Thank You! Rebecca in NJ

June 6, 2020

My family have been using this product for almost 2 years and it is excellent in working to prevent bad breath. I have a friend who had throat cancer and after radiation, he use TheraBreath lozenges and throat spray for dry mouth and throat ( side effect after radiation) and he said it works to moisten his mouth and throat and very pleased and happy. I send him this product to Philippines.

— Thank you! Lucita in Los Angeles

May 20, 2020

I have used TheraBreath throat spray for 20 yrs. it is the BEST stuff to make sure you don't have bad breath even works on morning breath. I carry one in my purse and keep one in the car too. It is impossible to find anymore in stores they sell the mouth wash but not the throat spray so I always have to go online to purchase it. I tell everyone about it and also posting about it on Facebook to my friends & family. It is pretty awesome stuff don't ever quit making it and try to get the CVS's and grocery stores to carry it again plz.

— Awesome!

May 8, 2020

I take a lot of medicine for allergies and asthma which leaves me with dry mouth and bad breath. TheraBreath lozenges are the only ones that work. Mints and gums only work for a little while, but TheraBreath Dry Mouth Lozenges keep my mouth moist for hours. The gum is great after meals as well. It leaves my mouth feeling clean without the heavy taste of mint in my mouth. I even got my husband addicted to them. Worth every dime!

— Thank You!!! Nancy in Illinois

May 3, 2020

I always recommend products to fellow cancer patients going through treatments. It really alleviates the xerostomia caused by the medication. And now I know how easy is to order online rather than going to stores going through isle after isle. Not only that, coupons are offered right on the website openly! What on a wonderful online experience.

— Just Wonderful! Michelle in Saint Petersburg, FL

Displaying records 1 to 25 of 851 testimonials.
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