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August 2010

Sucking on candies to prevent dry mouth only causes problems
August 31, 2010 - The Science of Bad Breath
Many medications cause dry mouth as a side effect. While this may seem like little more than a nuisance during the time that the medication is necessary, the condition could have a serious long term impact on individuals' oral health.

Wet weather causes dry mouth, bad breath
August 31, 2010 - The Science of Bad Breath
As the warm, dry months of summer come to a close, residents in many parts of the country are bracing for wetter weather. While this may mean good things for their lawns and gardens, it may harm their oral health and contribute to bad breath.

Jesse James and Kat Von D heat things up in Texas
August 31, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings
One of Hollywood's newest and hottest couples is Jesse James and Kat Von D. After a legendary breakup with one of America's sweethearts, the motorcycle riding bad boy has moved on to an occasional tattoo artist, model and reality television star.

Some professionals need to be mindful of halitosis
August 30, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
Halitosis is not something that affects certain people in their day-to-day life. Perhaps they work outdoors, or rarely interact with other workers. However, many other individuals simply cannot avoid getting up close and personal with their colleagues or customers, making any degree of bad breath a significant problem.

Foodies risk bad breath
August 30, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
If there is one thing food lovers can't get enough of, it's rich, flavorful food. Many of these folks are on a lifelong search for new tastes, new flavors and new culinary experiences that expand their food horizons beyond the everyday cuisine.

Pop culture reveals the problem of bosses with bad breath
August 27, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings
Recently a young women claiming to be the employee of the world's worst boss quit her terrible job by posting a series of photos to the online humor site, In the photos she accused her boss of, among other things, having some of the worst halitosis she had ever smelled.

Obama's smoking habit may be causing bad breath
August 25, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
President Barack Obama has been under a lot of pressure lately. Between passing healthcare reform, trying to restart the economy and fighting off personal assaults, it's no wonder he reaches for a cigarette every now and then.

Denture wearers risk oral infections
August 25, 2010 - The Science of Bad Breath
Denture wearers may find it a daunting task to clean their dental appliances every single day. However, failure to do so could result in an oral environment that is a perfect breeding ground for many microbes, including some that cause bad breath.

Low-income individuals struggle to maintain oral health
August 20, 2010 - The Science of Bad Breath
The recession has been devastating for many reasons. Thanks to high unemployment, millions of individuals have found themselves without dental insurance, which may increase their experiencing oral health problems like cavities, gum disease or bad breath.

Food choices at work can jeopardize careers
August 20, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
Many of us find it difficult to make it through the work day. Answering mountains of emails, listening to your boss's lame jokes and sitting for long hours behind your computer may leave you looking for ways to help you get through the day. However, many of the things people turn to for assistance can lead to bad breath.

End of summer barbecues pose bad breath hazard
August 20, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings
With the end of summer fast approaching, backyard chefs across the country are beginning to prepare for the season's last barbecue. Grills are being refilled with charcoal or propane, chicken is marinating in the fridge and corn is being prepared to be shucked. However, in all of these preparations, few are ready to handle the inevitable bad breath that will follow.

How to Prevent Morning Breath
August 19, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings

Groups seek to measure America's oral health problems
August 19, 2010 - Oral Care Industry News
Dental problems like tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath have become a significant problem in the U.S. The situation is made even worse in light of recent research which suggests that these conditions may be tied to serious conditions throughout the body, such as diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis.

Air travel troubles are compounded by bad breath
August 19, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
While there may be many headaches associated with air travel - the early check-in times, the long waits and of course the inevitable delays - perhaps the worst situation that could possibly arise is being stuck next to a passenger with bad breath.

Do You Need a Tongue Cleaner to Get Rid of Bad Breath?
August 18, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings

What Is the Best Mouthwash For Chronic Halitosis?
August 17, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings

Poor economy decreases access to oral care
August 17, 2010 - Oral Care Industry News
Due to the slumping economy, many individuals were laid off from their jobs. In the process they may have lost their dental insurance, leaving them unable to seek the treatments and advice that could help them avoid oral health problems like bad breath.

Daters face rejection over bad breath
August 17, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
The situation is as old as dating itself. Two people go out and have a lovely time together. There is clearly some chemistry between the two. However, when it comes time for a good-night kiss, one of the daters is left on their doorstep wondering why they were denied the opportunity to lock lips.

ADA launches web tool to help prevent dental problems like bad breath
August 12, 2010 - Oral Care Industry News
It can often be difficult for individuals to find quality dental care in their area. The problem is compounded if they live in a rural area where there are fewer dentists or they have a subsidized dental insurance plan. A lack of professional dental care may lead to many problems, such as gum disease, tooth decay and bad breath.

Smoking increases halitosis-causing bacteria
August 12, 2010 - The Science of Bad Breath
When it comes to the microbes of the mouth, there are good bacteria and bad bacteria. The majority are harmless and can assist in the digestion process. However, others are harmful and contribute to oral health problems like tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath.

Close-talking is made worse by bad breath
August 12, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
We've all met them at one time or another. They're the close-talker. No matter how hard we try to back away and create some personal space, they just step forward to fill it. While this behavior creates extremely uncomfortable social situations, it is made even worse if the offender has bad breath.

What's the Best Way to Fight Halitosis?
August 11, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice

Truths and Fallacies of Bad Breath Causes
August 10, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings
Are you suffering from bad breath? If you just cupped your hand in front of your mouth when you read that and blew into it, you re a victim of one of the fallacies that are prevalent about bad breath and bad breath causes. You cannot smell your own bad breath. The body isn t built that way. It has a defense mechanism which protects you from being overwhelmed by your own odors. Others can smell it, but you can t.

Know your enemy: The causes of bad breath
August 10, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
Maybe you are about to head out on a date, or perhaps it is an important job interview. Regardless of whether the situation is personal or professional, you are going to want to have fresh breath. For many people, there are few things worse than interacting with some someone who has halitosis.

Bad Breath Remedies That Work
August 9, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings
Having chronic bad breath is something you don’t have to live with. Perhaps you’ve tried gargling with mouth wash everyday or you brush your teeth twice a day, but nothing seems to get rid of your bad breath. In this article we’ll share some of the bad breath remedies that have actually worked for many people.

Patients seek dentists' advice about bad breath
August 9, 2010 - Oral Care Industry News
While the numbers of individuals who occasionally or regularly experience bad breath continuing to remain high, many dentists across the country are reporting the issue as a "hot topic" among their patients.

Hall of Famer sought bad breath on game days
August 9, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings
Football players are an uncommon breed. Where most of us would shy away from physical altercations, they run toward them. When physical exhaustion would send an average athlete to the sideline, they push on. While the majority of Americans take all the precautions they can to avoid bad breath, some football players seek it.

How Do You Get Rid of Tonsil Stones?
August 8, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings

Bad Breath From the Stomach? The Truth Behind Bad Breath
August 6, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings

Inform your friends of their bad breath
August 6, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
While the rules of etiquette may dictate handling issues of other people's hygiene delicately, the situation may be different when it comes to bad breath. If someone you know chronically suffers from bad breath, you may be doing them a favor if you bluntly alert them to the situation.

Physical activity may reduce the risk of bad breath
August 6, 2010 - The Science of Bad Breath
Staying fit and getting regular physical exercise may help prevent bad breath, as a new study has found that individuals with healthy body mass index (BMI) measurements are less likely to experience gum disease.

Tackling Bad Breath
August 5, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings

Celebrities continue smoking despite risk of bad breath
August 5, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings
Despite the fact that smoking is known to cause terrible halitosis, many celebrities continue to pick up the habit, tarnishing their image and their breath. Smoking may cause many health complications, but stars in image-obsessed Hollywood may find the bad breath caused by tobacco to be the most harmful to their careers.

The Relationship Between Tonsils and Bad Breath
August 4, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings
Many people who suffer from bad breath are urgently seeking the reason for their bad breath. There are many theories about how bad breath arises and one common myth is that it comes from the stomach, but this is just a myth it is not fact. The truth is that the majority of bad breath comes from the back of the tongue. However, there is a connection between your tonsils and bad breath too.

Famed produce Mitch Miller got musical start thanks to bad breath
August 4, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings
It's not every day that someone is spurred to greatness by bad breath. But that is exactly what got acclaimed producer Mitch Miller started on his path to musical success.

Whiten Your Teeth the Right Way
August 2, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings
It s easy to get caught up in those flashy commercials and advertisements that show you before and after photos of gleaming white smiles and perfect teeth, but are those really the results you can expect? If you want to whiten your teeth the right way, you may need to apply a few whitening treatments before you see positive changes.

Hydration is important for avoiding halitosis
August 2, 2010 - The Science of Bad Breath
Water is not only an essential substance for maintaining proper mental and physical balance, it also is important for avoiding bad breath. Many experts say that drinking more water may be one of the simplest ways to ward off halitosis.

People spend too much on ineffective breath freshening products
August 2, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
For many people, mints and gum act as an invaluable way to stop bad breath. They turn to these products following a lunch of rich foods or in preparation for a big date to make sure that their breath is up to par.

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