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December 2010

Competitive Eaters have Bad Breath to Worry About
December 30, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings
As we have discussed in other articles and posts, diet definitely can have an impact on your breath. Savory, fatty foods and those that are high in protein can often lead to bad breath. The consumption of these foods can leave your mouth coated in grease, food particles and foul-smelling odor molecules.

Milk may neutralize garlic breath, study finds
December 30, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings
Recent research has suggested that drinking milk with a meal containing garlic may reduce the amount of volatile sulfur compounds that remain in the mouth and stomach.

Bad breath may be used to diagnose illnesses, experts say
December 30, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
Have halitosis? Technology currently in development may one day be able to diagnose diseases based on little more than a modified version of the breathalyzer test.

Insects' detection of mammalian bad breath helps them survive, study says
December 29, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
Recent research has shown that aphids can smell bad breath in time to avoid being eaten.

Other Names for Bad Breath
December 27, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings
It’s a famous quote we’ve all heard. William Shakespeare’s famous line spoken by Juliet in Romeo and Juliet “What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” But is the same for the contrary? Does bad breath smell as sour by other names?

Missing Breakfast Helps Cause Bad Breath
December 22, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings
As you’ve been told from childhood, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In today’s busy world, it’s all too common for people to get up and run out the door to the office or school without having time to grab something to eat. But eating breakfast is very important. Your body hasn’t eaten in many hours (depending on how long you sleep) and your metabolism needs to get kicked back into gear with a meal to carry you throughout your day.

Chlorine dioxide neutralizes bad breath
December 21, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
Many dental care items claim to focus on the odors associated with halitosis, but for the most part they cannot bust the smell at its source. Of course, maintaining good oral hygiene is key to keeping breath bearable, but it isn’t everything. Specialty breath fresheners that use stabilized chlorine dioxide may bridge the gap between bearable and truly fresh.

Washing Your Mouth out with Soap
December 20, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings

References to bad breath date back millennia
December 20, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings
Oral odor has been mentioned for centuries in historical records, philosophical tracts and even the Bible.

Dental visits are a low priority, surveys find
December 16, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
A recent survey found that one third of British women have not visited the dentist in year or more.

Bad breath is rarely in your head
December 15, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
At times it can be difficult to tell if you really have bad breath. You may detect an odor coming from your mouth but be unsure if what you smell is really there. Breathing into your palm is an unreliable way to check for halitosis, and asking a stranger is usually out of the question. Could it all be in your head? With a few rare exceptions, it is likely that you are not hallucinating and that you do have bad breath.

Bad Breath 101 An Interview with Dr. Katz
December 14, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings

Don t Have Bad Breath When Meeting the In-Laws
December 13, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings

Neti pots may not improve post-nasal drip, bad breath
December 13, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
In winter, bad breath caused by post-nasal drip can go from moderate to extreme. Seasonal colds, flus and sinus infections may cause an increase in nasal mucus and add a tinge of halitosis to every breath you take. The neti pot, a common sinus-clearing tool, may ease the drip but is not likely to improve your bad breath.

As concerns about bad breath go, so go halimeter sales
December 13, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings
When are Americans most concerned about bad breath? Is there a season in which you are the most likely to seek diagnosis and treatment for your halitosis? Industry experts say that, if halimeter sales have anything to do with it, then the holidays are when yearly concerns about bad breath reach their peak.

Halitosis can ruin a holiday flight for everyone
December 9, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
Holiday air travelers often have a choice between two evils - window or middle seat, chicken or fish, full-body scan or patdown - but when it comes to bad breath on a long flight, everyone has to suffer. A poll of AOL Lemondrop readers determined that body odor and bad breath are two of the most irritating qualities in a fellow passenger.

Study: Cavities, if not bad breath, may soon become extinct
December 9, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings
Researchers at the University of Groningen have mapped the protein that allows halitosis-causing plaque to stick to teeth. Armed with such knowledge, dental professionals may soon develop products that prevent plaque, and thus cavities, from ever forming in your mouth. Bad breath will still exist, but it’s a step forward.

Bad breath can be preserved for centuries
December 8, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings
Halitosis can be a problem as long as you live. Bacteria grow in the mouth, particularly when it is dry or filled with food particles, and give off sulfuric odor compounds. But it isn’t an issue after you’re gone - except in the case of Thomas Edison, who preserved his bad breath for posterity.

Gingivitis may spoil Christmas kisses
December 8, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
According to Dentistry Magazine, getting blown off under the mistletoe may mean something more than bad breath is at work. The culprit could be gum disease, which can cause halitosis and do serious oral damage.

Smoking Does More than Give You Stinky Breath
December 7, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
We all know that smoking and using tobacco products are bad for us. Well, now there are another two smoking-related diseases we can add to the list Alzheimer s and dementia.

Kids have halitosis, too
December 7, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
Bad breath certainly isn’t limited to adults, dogs and cats. Children may have halitosis for any number of reasons, the most common of which are listed below.

Wu-Tang Clan rapper tweets about bad breath
December 7, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
Rapper Dennis Coles, better known as Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan, recently sent 12 messages in 10 minutes about bad breath via Twitter. His advice ranged from the common to the inadvisable to the just plain weird. Here’s the breakdown.

Holiday foods are likely to ruin your breath
December 6, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings
Christmas is the time to celebrate friends and family, to give gifts and to get bad breath. Here is a list of a few foods and beverages that are almost guaranteed to put a bad smell in your mouth even as they leave a good taste.

Survey: bad breath is biggest turn-off on a first date
December 6, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
A survey conducted by Philips Sonicare found that oral hygiene is easier in theory than in practice. It also determined that bad breath is the most common turn-off on a first date.

Social cues may indicate bad breath
December 6, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
If you are out in public and begin to suspect you have bad breath, what can you do?

Breath mints cause bad breath as often as they treat it
December 6, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
It’s easy to be pulled in by breath mints when you have bad breath. Oral odor can make you extremely self-conscious, and breath mints seem to offer immediate relief. “Seem to” is the operative phrase, because many breath mints are ineffective.

Many mouthwashes may dry the mouth
December 6, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
People concerned about their bad breath often take recourse in a “good” mouthwash, meaning one that has a high alcohol concentration and leaves the mouth smelling minty or like cinnamon. The problem with many products marketed as anti-bacterial and breath-fresheners is that they can easily dry out your mouth.

Marijuana use can cause halitosis
December 6, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
In a recent review of Syn, a synthesized marijuana substitute that is due to be pulled from shelves in a month, The Pitch mentioned that the substance “tastes sour and smells like halitosis.” The remark is pretty apt, because smoking any sort of marijuana can give you strong, persistent bad breath.

Leslie Nielsen quotes deal with bad breath
December 3, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings
Actor Leslie Nielsen, who died on November 28, had a long list of movie roles than touched on nearly everything: space travel, sinking ships, vampirism, detectives, lovers’ revenger, you name it. Here are a few quotes of his that relate to bad breath because - as the website PopMatters recently pointed out - true Nielsen fans know he could hold his breath for a long, long time.

To test breathalyzers, bad breath can be created in test tubes
December 3, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
While it’s easy enough to create bad breath in your own mouth - sleeping with your mouth open or taking a swig of alcohol can do the trick - it is more difficult to do it in a laboratory. Germany’s National Institute for Physical and Technical Sciences, however, has got it down to an art form, creating bad breath in the lab as a way to more accurately test breathalyzers.

Reality-show celebrities smell all over
December 3, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings
The latest challenge on the show I’m a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! involved bugs, stagnant water and excrement. From the look of some of the contestants, their body odor isn’t so hot, and considering the amount and kind of food they eat, they probably have very bad breath, too.

Halitosis may mimic other bodily odors
December 3, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
Often enough, bad breath is instantly recognizable as bad breath. The sour or rotten odor associated with hydrogen sulfide, a byproduct of the metabolism of oral bacteria, can quickly tip off any nose to halitosis. But occasionally, the smell of your breath can imitate other odors, potentially leading to some confusion.

Gum that is Actually Good for You
December 2, 2010 - Fresh Breath Happenings

Unusual causes of bad breath
December 2, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
While most people are aware of the common agents of halitosis - savory foods, smoking, sleeping with the mouth open, dry mouth - some of the rarer causes may fly under the radar. If you’ve experienced bad breath when it seems there couldn’t possibly be a reason, consider the causes below.

When it comes to bad breath, songwriters don't hold back
December 2, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
Songs can say a lot. In just a few bars, musicians can cover topic like love, hate, fear, anger, envy, joy and even bad breath. Below are a few songs that famously touch on the touchy subject of halitosis.

On a date, bad breath can come from all quarters
December 2, 2010 - Oral Care Tips and Advice
The number of ways that breath can go bad during a date are staggering, and halitosis is hard to overcome when trying to make an impression.

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