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Can drinking alcohol cause canker sores?

August 11, 2014 - Drinking a few beers may leave some people with these burdensome ulcers come sunrise. Click to read article

Two types of canker sores

May 13, 2014 - There are two types of canker sores: simple and complex. Both can be irritating and make simple tasks like eating, drinking and talking a challenge.  Click to read article

Quick tips for treating canker sores

September 10, 2013 - Canker sores bugging you? Check out some ways to fight back. Click to read article

Find canker sore relief without side effects

June 6, 2013 - A popular ingredient in canker sore remedies has been highly controversial, with more research recently surfacing.  Click to read article

Zap those canker sores with nature's best

May 2, 2013 - You don't have to suffer through the pain of canker sores in the mouth with the help of natural remedies. Click to read article

Prevent canker sores and obesity at the same time

February 11, 2013 - A drug that has been on the market for many years to treat canker sores is now being tested as a treatment for obesity. Click to read article

Relieve the pain of canker sores

January 10, 2013 - Canker sores are annoying and can cause an abrupt halt in your daily food and beverage intake. Click to read article

What causes canker sores?

December 6, 2012 - Canker sores appear for many different reasons, learn why they are causing you issues to cut them at the source. Click to read article

Get the lowdown on canker sores

November 16, 2012 - Canker sores can be a real pain, know where they come from and how to avoid them from popping up! Click to read article

Getting to the bottom of canker sores

October 13, 2012 - Canker sores are caused by many different things, but switching up your diet can help prevent them from popping up. Click to read article

As cold weather approaches, protect yourself from canker sores

October 2, 2012 - Don't let canker sores be a part of your life this winter Click to read article

Scientists throw the kitchen sink at canker sores, halitosis

August 2, 2012 - If nothing is working, researchers apparently try throwing everything at the problem. Click to read article

Herbs won't cure your canker sores, or ease bad breath

July 11, 2012 - While herbs, spices, supplements and amino acids might not be doing much harm, they rarely have any benefit when it comes to canker sores. Click to read article

Are canker sores herpes? Are they causing my bad breath?

June 28, 2012 - If you have small, painful blisters inside your mouth, does this mean you have the herpes virus? Click to read article

Doctors use gout drug to treat canker sores...wait, what?

June 26, 2012 - The FDA restriction on marketing unapproved colchicine uses says it all. Click to read article

To bust canker sores, stick to SLS-free, alcohol-free mouthwash

June 23, 2012 - Pour alcohol on canker sores? No thank you! Click to read article

Are people with canker sores crazier than everyone else?

June 23, 2012 - Psychologically, are people with canker sores and halitosis different from the rest of us? Click to read article

Multivitamins don't prevent canker sores, bad breath

May 24, 2012 - Though vitamin insufficiency can cause canker sores, taking a supplement still doesn't prevent them. Click to read article

Are canker sores contagious? Can you get them from kissing?

May 23, 2012 - Plenty of oral health problems can get passed from mouth to mouth. Can canker sores? Click to read article

Stress causes canker sores, bad breath

May 16, 2012 - We all know that bad breath can cause stress. But, unfortunately, the opposite is also true. Click to read article

Among other things, bacterial infection causes canker sores, halitosis

May 1, 2012 - A canker sore can come from microbes sneaking into a tiny nick or cut. And that's not all - there are many other potential causes. Click to read article

Can ulcers cause bad breath? Canker sores, yes. Stomach ulcers on the other hand...

March 17, 2012 - While aphthous ulcers (a.k.a. canker sores) are an unmistakable indicator of halitosis, stomach ulcers may or may not cause oral odor. Click to read article

Get rid of canker sores and bad breath all in one go

March 7, 2012 - Finding a canker sore on your mouth can offer you a clue as you why you've had chronic bad breath all this time. Click to read article

Get rid of canker sores, bad breath in one fell swoop

January 25, 2012 - To get rid of canker sores, halitosis and harmful bacteria quickly, try a specialty breath freshener that is all-natural and alcohol-free. Click to read article

Are bad breath and canker sores on the tongue related?

January 11, 2012 - Help! I have halitosis and painful canker sores on my tongue. What going on here? Click to read article

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