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Meet the NHL Dentist Who Stitches Smiles During Stanley Cup Playoffs

Dr. Donald Goudy?, Jr., the official team dentist for the NHL's San Jose Sharks, never runs out ...

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Scared Of Receding Gums? Here's What You Should Know

SUMMARY: Worried that your gum line is gradually eroding? There are ways to help.

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Jennifer Lawrence laughs about bad breath in 'The Hunger Games' kissing scenes

SUMMARY: Actress Jennifer Lawrence may be one of the most sought-after celebrities on the red carpet...

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Taking A Hint: Knowing You Have Bad Breath By Other's Reaction

Do you ever notice people shying away from you while you're having a conversation? Could it be t...

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Super Smelly Ferment-Tastic Kimchi Halitosis

SUMMARY: Bad breath is a problem that spans continents, oceans, cultures and time periods. If you th...

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Famous Smiles: U.S. Presidential Edition

Discover the tales of our forefathers' ivory dentures, toothless grins and botched dental operat...

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