What are the benefits of charcoal whitening toothpaste?

Bright Smile Charcoal Toothpaste Safe

Recently it’s become popular to toast the benefits of charcoal toothpaste. It’s said that it can brighten your smile and freshen your breath.

To be sure, activated charcoal is one of nature’s most powerful cleansing agents.  It’s been used for decades to help save the lives of people suffering from poisoning and over-consumption of alcohol.

But what makes activated charcoal work? What are the benefits of charcoal toothpastes like our TheraBreath Whitening + Fresh Breath Charcoal Toothpaste?

We here at TheraBreath have researched this topic for you. We’ll start by exploring the science.

The Science of Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is special because it’s extremely porous. That means it’s full of tiny holes. These holes allow activated charcoal to attract, absorb, and trap impurities and toxins.

This has led to its use in a number of different settings.  It’s in the air purifier in your house and the water purifier in your fridge.

But how do we go from filtering water to teeth whitening charcoal toothpaste? After all, there aren’t any toxins or poisons lurking in your mouth.

How Do You Use Activated Charcoal to Whiten Teeth?

As time goes on, your naturally white teeth collect stains and begin to yellow. When you brush with activated charcoal, the tiny holes latch on to the rough stains.

The charcoal toothpaste then removes those stains from your teeth, letting your naturally healthy color shine through.

You can even boost its effectiveness by rinsing with an oxygenating mouthwash, such as our TheraBreath Fresh Breath Oral Rinse or TheraBreath Healthy Gums Oral Rinse.

Is it Safe to Use Charcoal to Whiten Teeth?

The short answer is that it depends. The quality of the charcoal used plays a major factor in the safety of the toothpaste.

As the benefits of charcoal toothpastes are becoming more well known, more and more are entering the market. Some of the charcoal in these products might be processed in countries with looser health standards.

At TheraBreath we focus on quality. When it came time to make our TheraBreath Whitening + Fresh Breath Charcoal Toothpaste, we searched for the finest ingredients available.

We manufacture our charcoal from sustainably harvested bamboo from the Great Bamboo Forest in South Korea. We then process it in the USA at well-regulated laboratories.

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