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Which celebrities are known for their halitosis?

By – Bad Breath Expert
Posted: October 8, 2012, Updated: February 17, 2014
SUMMARY: Celebrities may have money, good looks and talent, but that doesn't mean they don't have halitosis!

celebrities known for halitosis

No one is immune to bad breath. No matter what your age may be or whether you're a teacher, doctor or celebrity, you're sure to develop a case of halitosis at some point or another. Take, for example, a recent segment with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb on the TODAY Show, where the two ladies used the Topland Etiquette Breath Analyzer, which rates people's breath to determine whether or not they have halitosis.

The test uses a scale of one to six - one being good and six being terrible - to determine the severity of a person's oral odor. Hoda failed right away, scoring a strong six. Kathie Lee, who had recently consumed blue cheese, did even worse, and the extremely strong halitosis made her breath register off the charts.

Another thing that may be the cause of Kathie Lee and Hoda's halitosis are the martinis and wine they are known for consuming on-air. After using the breath analyzer, Kathie Lee commented that the only thing that could get rid of her halitosis was a martini, and Hoda added that since their drinks were made of alcohol, they must be cleansing. However, the opposite is actually true. Alcohol dries out the mouth, and a dry mouth is prime real estate for bacteria. This is why you should always choose an alcohol-free mouthwash, which will clear up halitosis without drying you out.

Other celebs with notorious halitosis

Of course, Kathie Lee and Hoda aren't the first famous people who discovered that they had bad breath. According to Yahoo!, movie director John Waters and actors Ben Affleck, Clark Gable and Hugh Grant have all been accused of having halitosis.

Also, Xfinity Entertainment Programmers reported that several of Jennifer Aniston's past co-stars, including Alec Baldwin and Jason Bateman, have said that her breath constantly smells of coffee. This caffeinated beverage, similar to alcohol, may dry out the mouth and cause some seriously stinky halitosis.

However, this certainly doesn't mean that we should look down on these stars. Yahoo! pointed out that this should serve as a reminder that celebrities are human, just like the rest of us, and they are prone to the same bodily issues, including bad breath.

Luckily for them, there is a simple solution. A proper oral care regimen paired with alcohol-free mouthwash can get rid of halitosis in no time, regardless of who you are. 

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