Bad Breath Even Haunts the Most Beautiful Celebrities

By - Bad Breath Expert

Posted: February 25, 2013

ist_000000361485What did you get your Valentine this year? Perhaps it was a box of chocolates, bouquet of flowers or a new piece of jewelry. Superstar couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie took cupid's holiday to address what may be a pressing matter in their relationship: Angie's bad breath. After their nearly eight year relationship, Pitt gave his fiancé a gag gift to treat her smelly breath, something that could easily caused by a low-carb diet. "It is sort of a joke - and not. He always teases her that she has bad breath," a source close to the superstar told US Weekly. "It's a joke gift… he'll also get her something more serious." But maybe Brad should have invested in something that could knock that bad breath out forever. Therabreath Dry Mouth Lozenges do the trick – and they won't get in the way of her strict diet because they are vegan-friendly, kosher and help to whiten teeth. Even if you're not sure what is causing bad breath, these unique lozenges keep your mouth fresh and moist all day long. Often times, dry mouth is causing bad breath, or in Angie's case, perhaps it's her diet, so you don't want to solve the problem with anything that won't help produce saliva in your mouth. These lozenges also taste great! Using the healing powers of oxygen, zinc and Xylitol, you'll target dry mouth symptoms in a jiff. Just pop one of these bad boys three or four times a day and you'll be feeling confident, fresh and ready to take on the world. Are you more of a gum chewer? No problem - Therabreath has got you covered with our French Kiss chewing gum used often by celebrities before big on-screen smooches.  After all, there's nothing better than not having to worry about stinky breath when you're with your sweetie.

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