Bad Breath Smell Permeates Baltimore

By - Bad Breath Expert

Posted: February 21, 2011

Due to a leak of the chemical mercaptan (according to the Frederick News Post) an odor compared to rotten cabbage has been permeating the air from West Virginia all the way to Baltimore. The Maryland Emergency Management Agency has been monitoring the mercaptan leak that originated in West Virginia. Residents may have to put up with the smell until it subsides, but luckily there is no real cause for alarm. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that residents shouldn t alarmed as the gas is only dangerous at very concentrated levels. The funky stench may be annoying but at least it isn t harmful.
What is mercaptan? It s a relatively benign chemical that is often mixed with odorless natural gas to help detect natural gas leaks. Interestingly, mercaptan is one of the main gases produced by oral bacteria to create bad breath. Just imagine when someone at the office speaks to you and you re hit with a serious case of halitosis or morning breath that is exactly what the residents throughout Frederick, Prince George s and Montgomery counties have had to smell but on a larger scale, reports the Baltimore Sun.
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Whether it s in the air or coming from someone s mouth, the smell of rotten anything is not pleasant. Be sure you aren t contributing to the smell by using TheraBreath products they are guaranteed to stop bad breath.
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