Bad Breath Spray Stops Halitosis

By - Bad Breath Expert

Posted: September 10, 2007


If you are like me, then you're probably thinking "Not another breath spray - isn't rinsing and brushing enough?"

It's a valid question......and one that I think I've tried to answer before, but I don't mind doing again.
Let me start by saying this - 'Bad Breath' is the odor of the volatile sulfur compounds (VSC's) that are created from the anaerobic bacteria that live in your mouth, between your teeth, beneath the surface of your tongue, in the back of your throat, and in your tonsils (if they exist).
Bad Breath Spray should go on the Back of the Tongue See the picture to the right.... reaching your mouth, teeth, and front of your tongue in regions D, E, and F is simple - tens of thousands of you do it every day with our TheraBreath Oral Rinses and Toothpastes. But what about the production of odors "farther" back (Regions A, B, and C) - in the very back of your tongue, deep in your throat or in your tonsils?
When you gargle with an oral rinse (mouthwash) - most of time it can be very difficult to reach way down deep in your throat. Many of my patients find that a 'Gag Reflex' kicks in (this happens automatically in most people when something - anything - touches a sensitive area in the back of your throat and tongue). So what can you do? To stop bad breath you MUST neutralize the sulfur compounds that have been created by the anaerobic bacteria that live in deep recesses of your throat and tongue.
Bad Breath SprayIn response to this exact concern, I've created a breath spray that addresses this problem. TheraBreath PLUS 'Extinguisher' Breath Spray has a unique 7.5cm long, swiveling, extended head which holds down the tongue and sprays the potent Therabreath PLUS formula directly on the "bacterial breeding ground" located in the back of your tongue and throat. It's the only patented Extra Strength formula that can literally reach the part of your throat and tongue that no other formula can touch.
Many of you have told me during your first clinical appointment, that you've always "Felt" something stuck in your throat - and you've attributed that uncomfortable feeling to your breath and taste disorder - this spray was designed to solve that problem.
Please remember that for chronic conditions, the only way to prevent the anaerobic bacteria from creating VSC's is through daily use of an oxygenating line of products such as TheraBreath Oral Rinse and Toothgel (now at Albertsons, SavOn, Jewel, Osco, and Acme). For specific instructions on how to do this, see the Instructions of Use.
As with all of our formulas, the PLUS Extinguisher Spray passed all tests at my San Francisco clinic with flying colors. It's made those test patients extremely happy, especially since many of the chronic or "lingering" cases involve odor production that may be beyond the reach of just rinsing and tooth brushing (which should still be part of everybody's daily regimen.)
It's especially useful for patients with:
  1. Chronic Bad Breath who want extra relief throughout the day
  2. Light, Occasional (Situational) breath or taste disorder, who want instant relief without an overbearing strong minty taste or smell
  3. Dry Mouth sufferers, whose tongue tends to become "extra sticky" as the day goes on

TheraBreath PLUS Extinguisher Spray is small enough to carry in your pocket, purse, or briefcase, so that you can even use it before or after your favorite "garlic" dish.

I hope you can now see how a breath spray (especially one that actually reaches the source of bad breath) can help you regain your confidence. bad breath and halitosis All my Best, bad breath and halitosis bad breath and halitosis -Harold Katz, DDS

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