Bad Personal Habits Can Lead to Bad Breath

By - Bad Breath Expert

Posted: June 30, 2009

Simple personal hygiene can go a long way when combating bad breath (halitosis). Most of the time, bad breath is caused by carelessness and inconvenience. Some people fail to visit the dentist enough to ensure the proper care of their teeth and gums. Good personal hygiene and regular dental visits will help rule out the main causes of halitosis.
Metabolic Causes of Bad Breath
Some disorders in the body can cause halitosis. Diabetes is yet another cause of bad breath, and may not cause any symptoms in the beginning. Diabetes causes the build up of ketone (foul-smelling chemicals in the body) in the blood. Exhaling breath can get rid of ketone naturally. Dentists cannot fix this problem; instead, they may have to refer the patient to a specialist for treatment. It is important that if you have chronic bad breath, that you get checked out for serious medical conditions.
If you change your diet, this can also cause bad breath. If people are fasting or on a protein diet, they may also suffer from halitosis. If people are trying to lose weight quickly, they use fat as energy, which encourages the build up of ketone in the bloodstream. Therefore, it is common to have bad breath if you are on a diet or fasting.
If you want to avoid the problems of ketosis while on a diet, you should see a nutritionist and do your research.
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