Check Out a New Infographic on Periodontal Disease and Treatments for Gingivitis

By - Bad Breath Expert

Posted: April 5, 2012

Gum disease is much more common than you might think, and it can lead to major health problems like diabetes and heart disease.

Oral Health vs. Overall Health by 1Dental

Infographic: Oral Health vs. Overall Health by It's not so tough to think about bad breath, ruminate on gum disease or visualize the specialty treatments for gingivitis. But can you do it all at once? It might help to have a nice infographic to look at, which is exactly what the folks at 1Dental have made. The handy chart covers a lot of the bases that dentists regularly discuss with the patients. However, if you think it's only about halitosis and the occasional oral-odor-related faux pas, you're in for a surprise. The fact is, gum disease, periodontitis and other serious oral health problems can do much more than foul up your breath. They can also increase your risk for some dire chronic illnesses, making treatments for gingivitis more critical than ever. For starters, the infographic notes that as many as one-half of all Americans have some level of gum disease, while a smaller fraction - between 5 and 10 percent - have serious gingivitis, or even periodontal disease. As is immediately obvious when you take a peek at the page, these gum diseases come with some nasty baggage: - People with periodontitis are four times more likely to develop pneumonia, compared to those without the gum condition. - Fully 95 percent of people with diabetes have periodontal disease! - Gum disease can contribute to lung infections and chronic pulmonary conditions. - Mothers-to-be with periodontal disease have a sevenfold greater chance of giving birth prematurely or having an underweight baby. Check out the infographic for more in that vein, as well as for ways to improve your dental health and avoid gum disease. The risks associated with periodontal disease are some of the very reasons that we've been recommending that consumers see their dental professional twice yearly. By fighting bad breath and attending to your gum health today, you may be able to avoid serious risks tomorrow.

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