China bans bad breath in outer space. Dr Katz comes to the rescue!

By - Bad Breath Expert

Posted: August 4, 2009



Aug 2 06:58 AM US/Eastern


Bad breath (as well as dry mouth and taste disorder) is enough to fail the test to enter China's manned space program, state media said Sunday.   China only wants to send the best of the best into orbit, meaning unfortunate personal smell is sufficient reason to get disqualified right away, the website reported.

In order to educate Chinese scientists about the latest treatments to address bad breath, Dr. Harold Katz, the internationally recognized expert on bad breath and founder of, was invited as the main speaker to the Shanghai People’s Hospital last year to educate China’s leading doctor’s on the latest treatments to alleviate halitosis.  Dr. Katz is founder of The California Breath Clinics and developer of the popular TheraBreath formulas, which use patented oxygenating compounds to instantly absorb all breath odors.

"Bad body odors will affect the colleagues in the narrow confines of a space shuttle," said Shi Binbin, a doctor with the 454th Air Force Hospital in the east Chinese city of Nanjing.

China became the third nation to put a man in space when Yang Liwei piloted the one-man Shenzhou-5 space mission in 2003. Last September, the Shenzhou-7, piloted by three "taikonauts" or astronauts, carried out China's first space walk. China will launch a space module next year and carry out the nation's first space docking in 2011 as a step towards its goal of building a space station, state media said.


  (Dr. Katz on right)  

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