Cop vomits after questioning suspect with rancid bad breath

By - Bad Breath Expert

SUMMARY:  A Chinese man and his horrendous breath were partners in crime in a recent police story.

Posted: September 3, 2014

rancid bad breath vomit

Talk about a getaway plan.

A man who was arrested in Hebei, China, made a police officer throw up because of his horrendous halitosis, or bad breath.

According to Hebei News, 49-year-old Er-mao Wang was arrested after hiding from the police for over a year. In July 2013, Wang and two friends stole a motorbike worth 3,000 Chinese yuan (U.S. $488) and fled the scene on the vehicle. When police caught up, one of the three men was arrested while Wang and the other accomplice split ways and managed to escape.

For the past year, Wang had been moving from city to city in a nomad-like lifestyle, hiding in the mountains and taking random temporary jobs. Earlier this month police received a tip about Wang's whereabouts and finally caught him.

When police found Wang, he was said to have abysmal hygiene and nauseating bad breath as well as disheveled hair covered in dust and dirt. It is rumored that the man had not brushed his teeth in a year. Wei-min Ren, the policeman tasked with questioning Wang on the trip back to the police station, reportedly had an incredibly difficult time composing himself during the ride, and immediately threw up once they arrived at their destination.

Not only did Wang admit to stealing the motorcycle, but he also confessed to stealing a cow as well. 

It goes to show that if you want to lay a trap for officials, a bad-breath stink bomb might be the way to go. Otherwise, such stomach-turning halitosis may be incriminating in itself.

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