Does At-Home Whitening Work?

By - Bad Breath Expert

Posted: July 9, 2010

Your dentist is probably trying to sell you on the newest laser or power bleaching techniques, but you could be wasting your money on something that you can just as easily and far more affordably, do at home. Does at-home whitening work? Yes, absolutely. The technology that is used today in the dentist s office is available online and at your local pharmacy. Take a look at your options before you go out and spend all that money on the professional version of the procedure.
With the dentist office procedure, your dentist makes custom molds of your teeth and sends them off to a lab to have a mouthpiece made that he can fill with peroxide and place over your teeth. Once they re comfortably in, you ll be asked to sit in front of argon light for about an hour until your teeth become visibly whiter. In offices where more modern technology is used, you might be able to skip the plate making and have your teeth covered with peroxide gel, but you ll still end up burning an hour of your time in front of the light.
The home procedures are much simpler. At-home whitening works using the same type of peroxide mixes that can be found in a dentist office. This mix can be applied by brushing, whitening strips, or using trays with bleaching gels. If you re shopping for any of these, look for mixtures that don t contain glycerin. Glycerin itself isn t harmful, but when mixed with peroxide it can cause sensitivity in the teeth.
The strengths of each type of at-home whitening vary. Brushing is generally considered the least effective by dental professionals with whitening strips rating not much higher. Each of them are advertised heavily and mass-produced with low pricing in mind. That would seem to be an advantage, but those treatments need to be repeated so many times that it actually becomes more expensive. Trays with bleaching for at-home whitening work the best out of all of your choices.
Does at-home whitening work better than the dentist version of the procedure? When measured against each other in one sitting, the dental procedure will probably make your teeth whiter, but it will cost you anywhere from $500-$1500 depending on the method used. At-home whitening works well and you can purchase the kit needed to do it for under $100. That s definitely a better option, particularly in this economy when we re all trying to save our pennies for the next rainy day.
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