Don't Let Bad Breath Blow Your Job Interview Away!

By - Bad Breath Expert

Posted: March 10, 2010

bad breath job interview
According to studies, almost 50% of bosses said they wouldn't hire someone if the candidate had poor teeth or bad breath. Many have admitted that they turned down people because of their appearance.
High importance is placed on appearance at a job interview. It is said that if a person is too lazy to look good and take care of their hygiene, they may be lazy when it comes to doing their actual job.
Some other things that made employers uninterested in hiring someone were tattoos, facial piercings, bad skin, and even excessive sweating. Also found in the study, 15% of people seeking employment considered having cosmetic surgery to increase their chances of getting a job, and 3% have already gone through with the surgery. The most popular types of cosmetic surgery were: cosmetic dentistry, breast implants, and facelifts.
Also, according to some cosmetic surgery specialists, 1/5 workers believe that their appearance has prevented them from going further in their careers.
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