Don't Make Oral Care Wait in a Bad Economy

By - Bad Breath Expert

Posted: August 24, 2009

Oral health is an integral part to your body's overall health, so even if the economy is tough, one must still go to the dentist regularly for checkups.  Dentists are releasing campaigns to make the public aware of the risks of waiting on dental care and neglecting checkups and treatments.  The Dental Trade Alliance, a nonprofit trade association, is helping sponsor this campaign. Experts say that one should visit the dentist once every six months, and if one does not have a dentist, he or she should find someone knowledgeable in the subject.  There are various risks of postponing dental care, including: - Tooth decay.  Since it's a progressive disease, postponing treatment may make the sufferer in need of a more complex/expensive solution, like root canals or tooth extractions.  Also, it is a contagious disease, and it can be spread to others. - Periodontal disease that goes untreated has been linked with having damaging effects especially on those with diabetes, heart disease, strokes, or women who are pregnant. - Constant bad breath / halitosis can also be prevented by having regular checkups / cleanings The Chicago Dental Society says than half of dentists surveyed said that people were putting off going to the dentist, and more than 40% said that preventive care had decreased.  Also, the Wall Street Journal reported the ADA noticing that unbooked appointiment times were increasing.  Since there are so many risks associated with neglecting dental care (diabetes, heart disease, and so on), it is important that one does not postpone or forget going to the dentist.  There are even dentists offering discounts to their patients to encourage them to maintain good oral  hygiene in a bad economy. Your oral and overall health care cannot wait, so take action now.

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