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Finally, an Ozone Generator For Ozone Treatment and Method To Reverse Household Odors and Bad Breath

By – Bad Breath Expert
Posted: September 10, 2007, Updated: March 21, 2016
  • An Ozone Generator is one of the most powerful deodorizing devices in the world.
  • Ozonated Oil acts as a powerful anti-oxidant to a variety of ugly skin issues.
  • Ozonated water is highly effective at neutralizing the bad breath odors coming from anaerobic bacteria in the back of your throat!

New Article by Dr. Harold Katz - Founder, California Breath Clinics


As you know, I'm constantly on the lookout for the latest scientific breakthroughs on how to prevent bad breath. My latest research has uncovered a device called an Ozonator that not only helps to prevent bad breath, but also helps to deodorize just about any household odor. First, let me explain a little bit about ozone (O3). It's a natural, colorless gas with a distinct fresh odor, similar to a day at the beach. When used properly (and my Ozonator was designed so that it can ONLY be used properly), it provides a wide range of benefits. Ozone is a natural molecule made up of three atoms of oxygen. If you want to know what ozone smells like ... just close your eyes and imagine you're smelling the fresh, clean, scent of spring rain that occurs right after a rainstorm. This scent is actually ozone - nature's own gift to us. There are two basic ways to use the ozone generated by my Ozone Machine:

  1. To ozonate an Oil (create topical solutions, sterilize cuts/burns, etc.)
  2. To ozonate Water (drinking, rinsing, cleansing, deodorizing, fungus etc.), or

Ozonating an Oil

When ozone is bubbled into olive oil or safflower oil for long periods of time, the oil eventually thickens, holding the ozone within. When kept refrigerated, this gel will hold the ozone for years. When this ozonated oil is applied to the skin, it has very positive effects on a variety of skin conditions. If you have some skin areas that are less than pleasant looking, try applying ozonated oil to your skin. It definitely won't hurt and may very likely provide excellent results!

To achieve the minimum concentrations required for an effective ozonated oil, you will need to accumulate at least 24 hours of ozonation. Since my Ozone Generator runs for only 30 minutes at a time (an important safety precaution!), you will need to reset the Ozone Machine frequently. The good news is that once you've ozonated an oil, it lasts in the refrigerator for a long, long time. Ozonating Water

Ozonated Water has literally dozens of different uses! Remember that Ozone is an incredibly powerful deodorizer. Anything that you must clean or deodorize will benefit from ozonated water. The list includes things such as sponges, bedding, soaking dentures, drinking water, etc. You can even use the ozonator with any of my TheraBreath Oral Rinses to make them even more effective at neutralizing the bad breath odors from anaerobic sulfur-producing bacteria.

Ozone Stones To Ozonate A Liquid To ozonate any liquid simply attach one of the included plastic tubes to the ozonator. On the other end of the tube, attach one of the ozonator stones. Place the stone into the liquid that you want to ozonate (whether it's water, oil, or TheraBreath Rinse) and let the ozonator go to work! Some other uses of ozonated water include:

  • Deodorizing kitchen/bathroom items
  • Deodorize dirty laundry
  • Control smells
  • Deep cleaning of your bedding
  • Remove pet odors
  • Soak dentures and night guards

Let us know at how you're using the ozonator and we'll add it to our list.

Until now, natural ozone could only be created by a high-priced, high-end, $600+ ozone generator. What's more, these things sound like a diesel truck in high gear zooming down the highway! My ozonator costs much less, and operates with just a quiet humm - mmmm.... much, much nicer! I've compiled a how-to brochure that you can download for free which contains TONS of interesting information about the various uses of Ozonated liquids. The brochure also contains several scientific studies documenting the unique deodorizing benefits of natural ozone. This is a must-read for anybody even remotly interested in ozone as a tool for deodorizing and cleaning.

Download Free How-to Ozone Machine Booklet (PDF)

Just all the products that I sell, my ozonator comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. If, for any reason you're not happy with this device just return it within 30 days for a complete 100% refund.

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Warmest Regards, -Harold Katz, DDS