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SUMMARY:  Here are some tips on how to snap a selfie that will rake in the most response.  

Posted: March 24, 2014

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From Ellen Degeneres' famous Oscar selfie with a group of Hollywood stars to Jimmy Kimmel's pic with the Clinton? family, the message is clear: Selfies are #trending. 

The fad takes about a half a second to do and lasts forever on the Internet. In fact, The term "selfie" has become so popular that the Oxford English Dictionary recently dubbed it the Word of the Year for 2013.

Out of all pictures on social media sites, those with faces gain the most response. A new social media study from the Georgia Institute of Technology found that pictures with human faces have the highest odds of getting likes on popular photo-sharing apps. While the photo opp may be an in-the-moment decision, there are certain things that make one selfie better than the next.

The more spontaneous the selfie, the better. No one wants a pic that looks contrived or like you've been forcing the smile for days. Let creativity and freshness enter the frame. The more risks you take with the photo, the better.

Getting teeth white
Pearly whites are often the main star of the photo. When meeting someone, a smile is one of the first things that a person notices, and it's surely one of the first things people see in a selfie. Make sure your teeth are looking their best - your grin dictates the mood of the photo.

"Even as babies, people love to look at faces," Saeideh Bakhshi, lead author of GIT's social media study, told Red Orbit. "Faces are powerful channels of non-verbal communication. We constantly monitor them for a variety of contexts, including attractiveness, emotions and identity."

Smiling will infuse happiness into the photo, so seflie connoisseurs might want to check out teeth whitening options. Furthermore, even though those receiving the pic can't smell bad breath through the screen, there can be smelly indicators, such as Miley Cyrus' coated tongue at MTV's Video Music Awards (people don't forget).

Don't take too many
The more you post, the less feedback you'll get. Blasting out photos en masse has a negative effect on garnering comments or likes, so keep it sparse.

Have fun with it
People want to be entertained, even for a brief moment, so make your photo fun and be yourself! Let down your professional guard and enjoy. If you're goofy, own it. 

Move over Ellen and Jimmy, there's new competition. Flash a #winning smile with teeth whitening options.

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