Girl donates tooth fairy money to NFL coach

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SUMMARY: A nine-year-old girl donatedher money from the Tooth Fairy to CarolinaPanthers coach Ron Rivera.

Posted: February 16, 2015

Harmonie Frederick, a nine-year-old girl from South Carolina, demonstrated remarkable compassion by sending her money from the Tooth Fairy to Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera after his house tragically burned down in early January. Frederick, who reportedly enjoys sending letters to her role models, mailed Rivera five dollars of her money from the Tooth Fairy. Luckily, no one was harmed in the fire, and Rivera's family and dogs managed to escape the flames unscathed. Frederick sent Rivera the money with the concern that he and his family would be homeless while they waited for the house to be rebuilt. 

Rivera responds 
In time, Rivera mailed back the five dollars with the original letter, along with some Panthers gear for his young fan. Rivera also left a brief reply in which he expressed that the insurance would adequately cover the costs of rebuilding the house and noted that everyone in his family was doing well. The letter simply reads:

"Thank you for your concern. We are all fine, our dogs included. I appreciate your five dollars but our insurance will cover the rebuilding of our house. Thanks, Coach Rivera."

While speaking with Atlanta NBC  affiliate WXIA, Frederick stated that she was surprised to get a return letter from Rivera and plans to save the five dollars for college. She also intends to write back to coach Rivera thanking him for his correspondence. 

In many ways, Frederick's generosity made her a Tooth Fairy herself. Though Rivera ultimately didn't need to send the money, such selfless acts are worthy of praise. While losing a tooth may not always be a major event, this is proof that a small act can inspire major change. 

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