Google+: How to make a picture always look good

By - Bad Breath Expert

SUMMARY:  Google+ Auto Awesome feature makes it easy to get a group photo where everyone is smiling.

Posted: October 23, 2014

It's nothing short of a feat to get everyone in a group photo looking their best: Aunt Martha had her eyes closed, you were wincing away from Grandma Sue's bad breath, Grandma Sue didn't realize there was a picture being taken and your sister Belinda was caught open-mouthed in the middle of taking a bite of a cupcake. But don't worry, Google+ will come to the rescue. 

With the Google+ Auto Awesome feature, you can choose the best version of each individual in separate photos, then merge them into a single, all-smiling group.

All you need to do is upload the original pictures on your phone to your Google+ account. Note: If you have Auto Backup turned on on your phone, your photos will already be on Google+. 

Step-by-step instructions
1. Create a Google account and join Google+. If your Google account is less than a year old, it is automatically integrated into Google+. 

2. Select photos you want to upload via iPhoto, your iPhone's camera or another picture app. You must take a few pictures of the same person or object so Google+ can pick the best from each. Say there are three photos and each person is smiling in one of them. Auto Awesome will blend each person's smile into one picture. 

3. Go to your Google+ photo album. Click on Home, then photos. Click More, then Auto-Awesome.

4. You should now see all Auto Awesome pictures that have been created from your photos. In the album, you can tell what type of Auto Awesome was used by reading the starred words in the upper right corner. None of the photos in the burst have been deleted. You just automatically have an enhanced photo. 

With five or more photos of the same image, Auto Awesome will create a gif.

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