Halitosis Cause of Criminals Working Black Market?

By - Bad Breath Expert

Posted: November 13, 2009

Some criminals are becoming more weird by the day. The good news is that these criminals may not be guilty of bad breath. In March, thieves were reported to have stolen over $800 worth of chewing gum from stores in the cities of Bridgeport, Fairfield, and Stratford, Connecticut. Then, in June, there were four more complaints about stolen gum, including one man who stole $175 from a Shaw's supermarket in West Hartford, Connecticut. The reports of the chewing gum thieves in the news led to many copycat gum thefts.

According to reports, the criminals were funding drug habits with stolen gum. Some good questions: who would buy stolen gum, and how bad is the economy if packs of gum can maintain the junkie's habits?

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